Thursday, March 28, 2019

Thier Eyes Were Watching God :: essays research papers

In life everyone tries to distinguish their true identity. For some itcomes natur bothy, for others it mogul take age to find theiridentity, or they might never find it at all. In the novel TheirEyes Were Watching God Zora Neale Hurston reveals awomans identity through her struggles in life, her treatmentby society, and her thoughts on life. Janie a young AfricanAmerican girl who grew up in white life style believed shewas related of them till just about the age of six. This impactchanged Janies view on life. While she thought she was ableto do things the color of her skin held her back. This madeher try harder to pull through her goals. When her grandmother insisted that she marry Logan she did non wantto. Janie married him to fulfill her grandmothers dreams.Even though Janie did not love him she struggled till shecould not stand it and left with Joe. It had always been hiswish and desire to be a big voice and he had to live nearlythirty years to find a chance. (28) While, J anie was with Joein Eaton Vile she had a higher circumstance then the rest of the townsfolks mess. Janie tried to interact with them, but Joewould not let her. He thought of Janie as being better then allof them. This led to the way she was treated in society. Allof the women in the town thought Janie had everything, butJanie did not. She wanted to be excepted as part of them.When Joe died people in the town expected Janie to bemournful, so she put on an act for them. She sent her faceto Joes funeral, and herself went rollicking with thespringtime across the world. (88) After, Joes end Janiestill ran the store. While working she meet teatime Cake, heshowed her how to play checkers. Somebody wanted herto play. Somebody thought it rude(a) for her to play. (96)This represents how he treated her as equal. Tea Cakecompared to the other cardinal husbands in Janies life waseverything she was looking for. Tea Cake taught her somuch that she started to fell more independent. After, Tea Cakes death Janie grieves on the inside so much that she

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