Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Influence of Greek Thought on Modern Science and Mathematics Essay

The Influence of classical Thought on Modern Science and MathematicsParallels can be drawn from Grecian thought and compared to todays modern world views. This comparison as well brings forth the influences of the Greek philosophies to the worlds contemporary aspects. More specifically, math and science elicit the relationships of the ancient Greek beliefs and the existing theories and truths.Mathematics, as it relates to the Greek era and the present time, had created and still creates a very new start to the thoughts of the mechanics of nature. For instance, Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician and philosopher, believed the physical world would be explained by numbers. He used his theory of numbers and applied them to the phenomena of harmony. Using the strings of a lyre, Pythagoras explained his theory through his application of mathematical ratios for the principles of musical intervals. He in like manner believed that there was a perfect number, 3, defines Harmony a nd the All, while the virtue of a number is 10, for it perfects and realizes all things . . . ...

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