Saturday, March 16, 2019

Describing The Obelisk :: Egypt Monuments Essays

Describing The Obelisk Whether you are operate past it on the freeway or it catches your eye as you pull up stakes the movie dramaturgy, the dagger that stands in front of the Irvine Spectrum Center is a master sight to see. The 50-foot high fiber optic wonder is an impressive show of ancient shape and modern technology. During the evening hours, the needle rhythmically fades from hotshot color to another, changing shades and hues. In daylight, it is a gleaming albumin beacon to all who look on. It is the identifying feature of a large ancestry center know as the Irvine Spectrum. It is set(p) where the 5 and 405 freeways connect in Irvine. This plaza contains a diversity of shops and restaurants, as well as m unrivalledymaking(prenominal) and business buildings. It is also the site if the Edwards 21 Cinema Complex and Edwards Imax three-D Theater. Irvine Spectrum is surrounded by expanses of land that have yet to be developed, or are un dergoing preliminary steps of development. This center is used by both young and old who shop, eat, and work there. Many people go to the Irvine Spectrum for the furbish up purpose of visiting the around technologically advanced movie theater in the world - the Edwards Imax 3-D Theater. I believe that this attraction is one of the main reasons the obelisk stands in front of the complex. When The Irvine Company, the development firm which reinforced Irvine Spectrum, decided to have this one of a kind theater located at Irvine Spectrum, I think they were searching for something which would represent the grandeur of the unused attraction. I believe the obelisk is that something. The stately shape is easily identifiable as one that has endured the test of time, while the advanced fiber-optics which cover the go on add new-age technology to ancient symbolism. The combination of these two factors into the structure of the obelisk parallels the theater because both are classics with a new twist. The obelisk, however, also parallels its counterparts from thousands of old age ago.From the remains of great civilizations of the past, obelisks are found to be one of the most easily identifiable monuments of all.

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