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Individual and society Essay

Many of Millers plays are based on veridical life experiences. In A View form the Bridge numerous stories and experiences were put to learnher to create this piece. The main falsehood is of an Italian-American called Eddie Carbone who works on the waterfront as a longshoreman to support his wife, Beatrice, and their niece, Catherine. When Beatrices cousins from Italy, Rodolpho and Marco, illegally migrate from Italy to America Eddie welcomes them with open arms. Catherine soon falls in love with Rodolpho barely Eddie has feelings for his niece that he finds hard to admit to. Eddie subsequently creates the idea that Rodolpho is homosexual and, in his eyes, not right for Catherine. carmine Hook, a slum area of Brooklyn, new-sprung(prenominal) York, at this time was a very close-knit community and oftentimes the Sicilian family ethics would still permeate through the generations of the new Americans. Eddie tells the story of the boy who was thrown out of his home and never seen ag ain, regarding it as a lesson story with a suitable ending beca occasion he had told the in-migration officers about his immigrant Uncle.Eddies decline and fall is due to his own actions, and so the consequences are his responsibility. Even worse Eddie knows the dangers when he says you can quicker get back a million dollars that was stole than a word that you gave past. Laws enforced by the people also uphold this Sicilian ordination it is not the law of the establishment further the law of Sicilian set upheld by its citizens. Alfieri is aware and is part of both types of law, he is aware of the limitations to both laws and the consequences of someone going outside either law.We settle for half is a key quotation from Alfieri in this play. It shows a way to avoid a conflict between order and the individual. Eddie has relied his livelong life on his moral code which he breaks when he realises he can no hourlong run through Catherine and the code. Eddie is, however, to proud to compromise although he has an abundance of chances to do so. Eddie has relied his whole life on his moral code which he breaks when he realises he can no longer have Catherine and the code.Eddie is punished for his individuality by society, the fight at the end is much like a pagan ritual devised to discern truth by divine intervention, the crowd circles the cardinal opponents as the accuser and defender fight, the winner will either reclaim his remark or destroy his opponents. Such rituals are have said to reserve limit in ancient Briton and Greece.Eddie lives in a society where in that respect is a strange type of feudal system in that location are mafia dons on top mafia underlings in the spunk and longshoremen at the very bottom. It immediately suggests to me that the kiss bestowed upon Rodolpho may have connections with the maffia as a kiss of death. By reporting Rodolpho to the immigration government activity Eddie has effectively signed his own and Rodolphos deat h warrants. We can consult Eddie to the conventions of the Mafia because of his background as he himself is an Italian-American and by reporting Rodolpho he is effectively denying another what was devoted to his parents.This play is set in the nineteen-fifties when multitude warfare was rife in which the Mafia played a bountiful part, shown in the very beginning of the play where Eddie explains that Rodolpho and Marco will be habituated jobs everyday until they pay them off. Eddie is a longshoreman, he is worthless to his society because there are hundreds like him, and he works in a place where you work when you are lucky enough to be picked for work. Miller experience this corruption of the American dream first hand. It is the Sicilian society that allows the worst man to survive because of the camaraderie between neighbours.Millers use of an unusual stage direction is important They are like animals that have torn at one another and broken up without decision, for each one waiting for the others mood.. The animalistic language is important in that it keeps referring to beasts and to primitive and animal behaviour shown near the end of the play Rodolphos metaphor of the bird the simile in the stage directions of the two beasts and Eddie By rights they oughta to throw you back into the water. It shows the animalistic nature of the society both characters are a part of. When Marco kills Eddie it as if he has won the action and much like in a pack of lions the dominant antheral now owns the females. This simile helps us to imagine this scene, highlighting it as the characters eddy from men to beasts.This story was built upon a tale Miller hear while working as a longshoreman in Red Hook (where the play is actually set), some say that Elia Kazan is delineate in the play by Eddie, the character that we can understand yet still reject. Miller criticised Elia Kazan for naming names during the McCarthy trials (or as they were nicknamed the McCarthy crone hunts) but at the same time understood his dilemma. Elia Kazan was given an option and if he didnt name names then he would never direct films again. Kazan was not only criticised by Miller but by many people who branded him a coward and scoundrel although he claimed he was doing it out of his own true self. Like Kazan, Eddie does what he believes is right creating a conflict between society and himself.

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