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Short And Long Run Aggregate Supply Curve Economics Essay

abruptly And spacious Run Aggregate Supply carousal Economics attemptAggregate allow for is the total tag on of goods and work produced inside an preservation at a given everywhere overall price take within a specify time period. It is represented by the inwardness add frizz during a given time period that shows the total sum up of goods and services that the firms are willing to offer to the miserliness during a specified time period at a given overall price levels. Normally, there exists a positive relationship between the fuse provide level and the price levels upon which that annual translate twist has been made. Aggregate proviso subroutine of the parsimony is also referred to as total supply of the economy as shows the total supply of goods and services that the firms are willing to supply at given price levels. It also shows the power of the firms of the economy and the feature that the firms freighter supply the economy with the appropriate level of goods and services in order to satisfy the demands of the economy.Aggregate supply swerves are made on the basis of presbyopic and diddle term which depicts the total supply function of the firms of the economy both in the long term and in the short term for the economy. There bathroom be some shifts in the combine supply curve for the economy which can be attributed to phone number of various factors and variables affecting the economy. These factors can be many some of which may be the change in the surface and quality of roil, the mere fact that the labor size has changed that is more than and more labor is available to the firms for the toil of their goods and services or that the labor which is already available to the economy has gained more and more skills due to which it has become easier to produce more for the economy. Other factors can be the change in technology or it can be verbalize that the technological innovations can cause a shift in the center suppl y curve of the economy. Increase in profitss, increase in production costs, changes in producer taxes and subsidies, and changes in inflation can also be some of the driving factors in the shifting of the pile up supply curve for the economy.Different schools of thoughts have polar encounters of economics and so they have different approaches towards the determining of fuse supply of the economy that is to be made to the economy. Aggregates supply is the function of total availability of labor and other resources in the given time period and the price levels for the production of those goods and services that provide the aggregate supply of those goods and services to the economy.Short Run Aggregate Supply CurveSupply side of performance of the economy is the main determinant of the aggregate supply of the economy. Short barrage aggregate supply depicts the productive capacity of the economy and the costs of production of each sector.There may be a shift in the aggregate sup ply cure and this can be caused by the following factorsChanges made in the supply size and quality of labor force that are available to the economy.Changes in size and quality of capita stock through investment.Technological progress and the impact of innovation.Changes in the productivity of factors both labor and capital.Changes in the wage costs per unit of measurement .i.e. wage costs per unit of output.Changes in producer taxes and subsidies.Changes occurring to the inflation expectations. rotate in inflation expectations are likely to boost wage levels and in affect cause the aggregate supply curve towards the inwards shift.Long Run Aggregate SupplyLong run aggregate supply is determined by the productive resources available to meet demand and by the estimated productivity of factor inputs that are Land, Labor and capital.There is a view distinction between the short run and long run aggregate supply cures. In the short run aggregate supply curve is dependent on the price levels for a particular output and therefore increase in price levels affects the supply of goods and services in the economy whereas it is not true for long term aggregate supply as they are thought to be independent of price levels in the long term. The productive potential of the economy in the long run is in the main driven by the improvements to be made in the productivity levels and by the expansion of the available factor inputs. Expansion of the available factor inputs can be made through the realization of more firms, a big and much better capital stock and an increase in the number of skilled labor force etc. due to these reasons long run aggregate supply curve is made vertical on the graphs.The authorised model of economics set ups the aggregate supply curve as being a vertical line at the full employment level of real production.The early Keynesian view describes the aggregate supply curve to be a parallel curve to the horizontal axis .i.e. a horizontal curve. It s hows that the price level will remain same over the time period and the firms will have to manage their supply fit in to the available price level prevailing in the economy.The newer Keynesian view describes the aggregate supply curve in the two aspects .i.e. fixed money wage and variable money wage. According to the newer Keynesian view aggregate supply curve is the upward slopping curve at different wage levels for the economy.The supply side school of thought in the economics define the aggregate supply of the economy based on the fact that the aggregate supply is affected by the quality of labor and that the much higher(prenominal) prices are paid to the more skilled labor as compared to the little skilled or unskilled labor.

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