Monday, March 18, 2019

Mass Media :: Violence Technology Papers

Mass Media grammatical constituent I The Problem.In the aftermath of the Columbine school shootings, parents were eager to denudation some nonpareil or something to take the blame for the tragedy. We as Americans are a culture that has to be able to control the outcome of our every mean solar day lives. When something happens that catches us impinge on guard, we get frightened and jump to conclusions. With no closure in sight from the columbine shootings, parents across the country wanted answers. Instead of evaluating their take parenting, people began to say that video games, movie and television were the problem. The idea was that by eliminating the violence on TV and that will stop kids from being violent. The newsworthiness media, fearing for its ratings took this idea and ran with it doing in depth stories and all types of special reports. The goal of this newsletter is not to place blame on anyone, but to bring to the actualization that the only way to help our yout h is to not blame extraneous factors for behavior but approach the problem directly, in the home, fount to face with the child. Columbine The tragedyOn a sunny spring day in April 1999, a suburban high school in Jefferson County, Colorado, set in motion itself under attack by two of its own. In less than cardinal minutes of the first-lunch period on that Tuesday, two savant gunmen killed 13 and hurt 21 before they turned the guns on themselves in the most annihilating school shooting in U.S. history. Columbine High School is one of three in the unincorporated southeast portion of Jefferson County. The county itself lies on the double-u side of the Denver metropolitan area and is the most populated county in the state. The large unincorporated region along the countys southern plains and foothills has a population of nearly 100,000 residents - 1,945 of who attended Columbine High School.The two student gunmen were Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Their plans for attacking the s chool, recoered by investigators after the tragedy had taken place, evolved over one years time. In those plans, Klebold and Harris outlined a representation to kill as many students and faculty as possible. They would set off destructive bombs inside the school and then shoot any survivors onerous to run out. Bombs inside their cars would explode later, killing law enforcement, fire or medical personnel responding to the scene.

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