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Generally People Associate Raves(Underground Techno Parties) With Desi

Generally people associate raves(Underground Techno parties) with designer drugs like Ecstasy(MDMA), Speed(amphetamine) and other acids like LSD. These drugs are called the Techno Drugs for that reason and most of the time have uplifting and sensatory effects. To understand more clearly the relationship between the raves and these drugs, we first have to understand the philosophy behind the Techno era, and a little about the music. "Techno, can lift the spirit and become a new world of freedom and peace(D'Vox Magazine The first electronic music Magazine). Most raves are covered with propaganda about freedom, peace, spirituality and the like. It is no surprise why teens use these specific drugs at raves. The effects of E, are like a journey to another world, a world of happiness, love and euphoria (Ecstasy and Mental Health: Nerves or neurosis by Dr. Karl Jansen) These ravers, have many reasons to take E, for example The music lends itself to the intake of drugs, drugs are common in y outh culture, teens need energy to dance all night, the rave scene is bombarded with all kinds of E (Drug Information Database, The media has given E and the rave scene a bad reputation, since 30 years ago music has been greatly united with drugs. For example Weed and Rock in the 60's and acid in the 70's. (E for Ecstasy by Nicolas Saunders, ch.1) Ecstasy is just a hard and dangerous as weed, a drug that 1 out of every 3 highschool students in the American population have had experiences with. (Drug Information Database, Why is E judged so harshly when the ecstasy related deaths can not compare with those related with legal drugs just like tabacco and alcohol. (E for Ecstasy by Nicolas Saunders, ch.2) Of course the media has a lot to do with it, the media takes all the negative effects and doesn't include the positive ones. 29 volunteers where asked to assist Dr. Green, prominent doctor in charge of studies for the BMJ (British Medical Journal), in a study of the effects of E. (Readers Digest article by Russell Twisk editor-in-chief) Out of those 29 volunteers they all experienced, unpleasant experiences such as nausea, sweating and stiffing (Readers Digest by Russell Twisk). Although the volunteers felt undesirable symptoms, 18 of the volunteers experienced mood changes, to the best, and 23 of them went reported positive attitudes. 7 of my patients who experienced depression made more improvement with E, than with years of therapy and other anti-depressive drugs. (British Medical Journal by Dr. Green Hancock). Drugs are harmful to the human mind, and body in many ways, it is also capable of preventing the body, and mind in fully developing. There are many types of drugs, there are drugs that slow you down, drugs that speed you up, and hallucinogens. Hallucinogenic drugs are substances that distort the perception of objective reality. The most well-known hallucinogens include phencyclidine, otherwise know as PCP, lysergic acid diethylamide, commonly known as LSD or acid, and psilocybin, or magic mushrooms. Under the influence of hallucinogens, the senses of direction, distance, and time become disoriented. You see sound and hear light. These drugs can produce unpredictable, erratic, and violent behavior in users that sometimes leads to serious injuries or death. Drowning's, burns, falls, and automobile crashes have also been reported. Some physical risks include mangled, and unclear speech, decreased awareness of touch and pain, convulsion, coma, heart, and lung failure. Psychological risks associated with using hallucinogens is depression, anxiety, paranoia, confusion, loss of control, and flashbacks. Marijuana is chemotherapeutic drug. This means that it can be used to treat certain types of cancer. The point of these past sentences is to make a point, the point is that marijuana can't really affect the body of the abuser's body since it is widely used in the practice of medicine. The things that marijuana can do to the body is as follows: make the eyes red, cause brain damage, low oxygen supply to the heart, and there is a possibility that it may even cause lung cancer. Marijuana might not have any major long-term affects but it sure has its immediate affects. These are more signs of use than immediate affects. For example one

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How Long Does It Take to Get ACT Scores Back

How Long Does It Take to Get ACT Scores Back SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips After you take the ACT, the anticipation isn't over! Now, you have to wait to get your scores. While the scores aren't available immediately, you don't actually have to wait too long to see your scores or have them sent to colleges. This guide will go over when you can expect to see your ACT scores for each test date, as well as the differences in score release dates for students who took the ACT with Writing. How Long Do You Have to Wait for Your ACT Scores? How long does it take to get ACT scores back? Not too long! ACT score release dates actually vary for students over a range of weeks. Most students, though, will get their multiple-choice scores just 10 days aftertaking the exam. Scores are often released on a Tuesday or Thursday, so they'll show up just 10 or more days after your Saturday morning test. They usually come out at 1 am Eastern Time (that's midnight Central Time or 10 pm Pacific Time). For any students whose scores aren't released on that day, they should check back weekly.ACT scores are released on a weekly basis, and all of them should be out within eight weeks of your test date. Students who test outside the US usually have to wait about three weeks to see their multiple-choice scores. If you took the ACT with Writing, your essay score will be added a little later- about two weeks after your multiple-choice scores come out.Although your scores might become available in these two installments, colleges won't receive your ACT score report until allscores have been finalized and released (multiple choice and Writing, together). Once all your scores are ready, ACT, Inc. will release your official Student Score Report, High School Score Report, and College Score Report. Again, most students taking the ACT in the US will get their multiple-choice scores about 10 days after testing, whereas a small number will have to wait one or a few weeks longer until their scores are ready. Do you know when you plan to take the ACT? If so, you can use the chart below to find your testing date and the earliest corresponding date you'll get your ACT scores. When Will Your ACT Scores Be Released by Test Date? The following ranges of dates indicate when your multiple-choicescores will be availableto view online from your ACT account.If you took the ACT with Writing, colleges won't get score reports until your essay has been graded as well. These are the range of dates when most students get their ACT scores. If yours haven't shown up yet, note that it doesn't necessarily indicate a problem. 2019-20 ACT Score Release Dates While the test dates have been officially confirmed for the 2019-20 testing year, score release dates have not, so the chart below shows our estimates for release dates based on the patterns of previous ACT testing years. ACT Test Date Multiple-Choice Scores Release Complete Scores (w/ Essay) Release Sept 14, 2019 Sept 24, 2019 Oct 8, 2019 Oct 26, 2019 Nov 5, 2019 Nov 19, 2019 Dec 14, 2019 Dec 24, 2019 Jan 7, 2020 Feb 8, 2020 Feb 18, 2020 Mar 3, 2020 Apr 4, 2020 Apr 14, 2020 Apr 28, 2020 June 13, 2020 June 23, 2020 July 7, 2020 July 18, 2020 July 28, 2020 Aug , 2020 As I mentioned, most students will get their scores on the earliest release date, or at least within this range. But some won't, making them wonder, "Just when will I get my ACT scores?" What are some reasons you'd have to wait longer for your scores? What If Your ACT Scores Haven't Been Released Yet? There are a few reasons why your ACT scores might come out later than the above dates. One is simply that ACT, Inc. has a lot of tests to grade and process, and they're running behind. Other possible reasons include the following: Your documents were delivered late to testing headquarters Your test date was rescheduled The personal information you wrote on your test doesn't match the information you provided during registration (this happens more than you might think!) ACT, Inc. detected an irregularity with your test scores or at your testing center ACT, Inc. randomly audited your test to check for scoring accuracy You owe registration fees What does it mean that ACT, Inc. could detect an irregularity with your scores? If you improve by an unusually large number of points between test administrations, ACT, Inc. might notice and check for possible signs of cheating. If they really think something's amiss, they'll contact you and might even invite you to send "evidence" of your studying. To prepare for this rare circumstance (maybe you didn't study at all for your first ACT and then did a ton of prep for your second), make sure to keep evidence of your test prep and write out all your work in your test booklet.This situation is rare, but it can take a really long time to clear up- which you might or might not have depending on your college application deadlines. Worst case scenario, ACT, Inc. will cancel your scores altogether and you'll have to retake the test. You should have your username and password handy on score-release day, andfind out whether others have gotten their ACT scores through either word-of-mouth and discussion forums, such asCollege Confidential. If you think there's an unusual delay in your scores, don't be afraid totake action and contact ACT, Inc. to figure out what's going on. Otherwise, check back weekly rather than every day, since scores are typically released on Tuesdays. Once you finally get your ACT scores, what do you do next? What to Do When You Receive Your ACT Scores It's a good idea to check your ACT scores the day they come out so you can decide whether you're happy with them or want to retest. If you're satisfied and need to send additional score reports to colleges, be sure to do this ASAP. The decision to retake the ACT depends on a number of factors. What are your target scores? How much prep have you done, and how much time do you have to prep again and retest? Have you already taken the ACT a bunch of times, or are you just getting started? Obviously, all this is a moot point if your college deadlines are just around the corner. Another consideration is whether or not your colleges have a policy of superscoring the ACT- that is,taking the highest section scores across all test dates and recombining them into the strongest possible composite score. This is an ideal policy that works in your favor, and it means you don't have to worry about doing worse in any one section upon retesting. Conclusion: When Do ACT Scores Come Out? While the time you spend waiting for your ACT scores might feel like along 10 days, it's actually a pretty fast turnaround considering how many tests ACT, Inc. has to get, score, and compare. Plus, all the essays are read and graded by actual people! In closing, don't be afraid tocontactACT, Inc.and figure out what to do if you sense there might be an unusual delay in your score release. You should also keep track of your ACT username and password so you'll be ready to log in right away on score-release day. If you're satisfied with your ACT scores, great! If not, no worries- simply figure out where you can focus your prep to improve for next time! What's Next? What are you aiming to score on the ACT? Learn about what makes a bad, good, and excellent ACT scoreas well ashow to set a target scorefor guiding your approach to test prep. Need help raising your ACT scores? Then check out our expert tips and tricks- 15, to be exact- for improving your ACT scores fast and effectively. Disappointed with your ACT scores? Want to improve your ACT score by 4+ points? Download our free guide to the top 5 strategies you need in your prep to improve your ACT score dramatically.

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Is college worth the cost(investment) to attend Essay

Is college worth the cost(investment) to attend - Essay Example People believe that their investments would be returned to them in spite of high price for education. People dream about numerous chances and opportunities of having higher returns after their investments into education. At the same time, there are different political parties, which, on the one hand, promote their social shifts through educational institutions, but, on the other hand, do not want to make reliable investments in education. Argument 1 Different prospects of higher returns are often misunderstood by people and they are often concerned about financial side of education and its high financial returns. Quality of education and personal striving in this process is often omitted. Education requires a high emotional and mind contribution. Different studies of the past years summarize the following assumptions about education: â€Å"the idea that college is an excellent investment paying a high return in terms of lifetime income has been buttressed by numerous studies over the years purporting to show that college graduates earn a large premium over a lifetime in comparison to individuals who earn only a high school diploma or who attend some college without completing a four-year degree† (Wood 210). Again the matter is about financial and material side of the education. There is no word about qualitative and emotional load of education. A high intellectual attainment is very much required from the stud ents in the process of education. Educational institutions are on the way of improvement of their potential goals. A marketplace credential and a diploma of higher education are two different things. There is no way to compare them. A student’s wholeness and intellectual attainment are proved by the diploma. Intellectual maturity and mind’s ability to produce emotional and creative power should be the main points for confirmation in the process of higher education. Argument 2 The University has often been

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The Potential for Energy Savings Firms in Singapore Essay

The Potential for Energy Savings Firms in Singapore - Essay Example Singapore is one of the largest oil refiners in the world. It has a distinction of being the world’s busiest bunkering port and the world’s third-largest oil trader. The Asia Pacific oil prices are set by the Singapore oil price. Singapore has to buy all the oil resources needed for the country from abroad. Like any other country, Singapore is also facing the challenge to the sustained energy resources supply. Since the country depends solely on imported oil and gas for its energy needs, Singapore is highly vulnerable to the risk of loss of supply. The competition for energy resources between nations is tightening day by day. Hence the requirement of energy security is very crucial for the country. In the national energy policy report, Lim HNG Kiang, the Minister for trade and industry of the Singapore Government, says that â€Å"Moving forward, we need a holistic national energy policy framework to meet our objectives of economic competitiveness energy security and environmental sustainability. As a small island state with limited indigenous resources, a strong and growing economy is our best defense against high energy prices and climate change.†Ã‚   The Singapore’s energy system is largely based on imported oil and natural gas. In order to sustain their economic growth and support civilization, Singapore must take serious consideration of their energy sector and should have a clear view on energy security. There is a need to become more energy efficient. Alternative resources for energy can be utilized by Singapore, but the resources are limited. Turning to nuclear energy like major countries in the world is not easily possible for the small island city nation. For that, they should consider oceanic nuclear power plants in international waters. Biofuel and solar energy are the other two alternatives for Singapore’s energy sector.

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Strategic HRM and how it is identified Case Study

Strategic HRM and how it is identified - Case Study Example External drivers have a direct impact on the internal needs of the company. It should be mentioned that the external and internal factors such as structure, people, technology and task are all interdependent. In Lafarge, planned organizational change is triggered by the need to respond to new challenges and opportunities of the external environment, and in anticipation of the need to cope with potential future problems. The external drivers for organizational changes involved international expansion and globalization of the industry. To some extent, external change drivers are caused by innovation rapid technological changes and innovations proposed by competitors within the industry. "The industry is also investing in alternative activities in order to protect itself from the economic impacts of business cycles" (Case Study). For Lafarge, the planned change represents an intentional attempt to improve, in some important way, the operational effectiveness of the company. The basic underlying objectives can be seen in general terms as: modifying the behavioral patterns of members of Lafarge; and improving the ability of Lafarge to cope with continuous changes in its environment. External drivers include new industry and customers demands including "greater safety, comfort, and quality" (Case Study), internalization of business, consolidation of industries, a global supply chain and the Internet solutions. One of the major changes deals with the specification of goods which may be considered in terms of their design features and performance characteristics. Increased competition and market demands create a new business environment and force Lafarge to accommodate to changing economic and business conditions. Internal change drivers are caused by company's mission and strategic objectives, new policies and new vision of the company. The internal forces involve the policy of acquisition and development and need to improve labor skills, attitudes of employees and need to improve organizational performance. Workforce diversity creates a great challenge for Lafarge to accommodate its structure to new business environment. "The work environment was driven by a demand for operational excellence. The organization was restructured and streamlined, and over 100% more employees were added to the group through new acquisitions" (Case study). For Lafarge, it is important to have technically competent staff able to cope with complex tasks and work under pressure. External drivers cause a continual need for the process of staff development, and training. The usual methods of boosting performance - process rationalization and automation - haven't yielded the dramatic improvements for Lafarge need. In pa rticular, heavy investments in information technology have delivered disappointing results - largely because companies tend to use technology to mechanize old ways of doing business. The acquisition strategy forces the company to introduce a shared culture and values based on unique cultural traditions and international HR practices (Reed, 2001). Competitive Strategies The competitive positioning school of thought, based primarily on the work of Michael Porter (1980, 1985), stresses the importance of how the organization is positioned with respect to its competitive environment or

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Marketing Mix Analysis Of Le Bistrot Pierre Restaurant Marketing Essay

Marketing Mix Analysis Of Le Bistrot Pierre Restaurant Marketing Essay Introduction Marketing mix is used to describe the combination of different marketing activities that a business does to best meet the needs of the market it is targeting (Jobber and Fahy, 2009). At first, the marketing mix was compounded of 4Ps; starting with the product, price, place and promotion. Thereafter other elements were added to these tools and these elements were; people, process and physical evidence. Considering the added elements, the marketing mix of 7Ps forms a tool that businesses use to satisfy the needs of costumers in the market it targets. Accordingly, the purpose of this report is to analyse how Le Bistrot Pierre, a French restaurant on Mill Lane, in Leicester uses the marketing mix. Identifying where this restaurant succeeds in using the 7Ps and where it fails and proposing what improvements can be made. The main product in Le Bistrot Pierre is the food and drinks menu. The products must provide good value for money for customers and be of a high quality to entice the customers to want to spend and to make a return visit. This restaurants food and drinks menu are of a very high standard. The website notes that the managing team of the restaurant often go to France to taste new foods and drinks to offer to their customers. Le Bistrot Pierre also offers a breakfast menu to its customers at selected branches. Unfortunately, Le Bistrot Pierre does not offer a childrens food menu. However, if the restaurant was to offer a childrens menu it would entice families to visit the restaurant knowing that they would not have to buy their children and adults meal only for a lot of it to be wasted. Furthermore, offering a childrens menu would promote the restaurants family friendly atmosphere and increase overall profits. As mentioned above Le Bistrot Pierre offers a breakfast menu, however it only offers this menu at its Leamington Spa, Harrogate, Stockton Heath and Stratford-Upon-Avon branches. Therefore, its customers in places like Nottingham and Leicester do not have the opportunity to taste this menu. Furthermore, although these 4 branches offer breakfast menus they all open at different times, for instance, Stratford-Upon-Avon offers its breakfast menu from 7am on weekdays whereas Leamington Spa only offers its breakfast menu on weekends (Le Bistrot Pierre, 2010). One problem with this is that customers who are travelling throughout the UK and see a Le Bistrot Pierre restaurant may assume that they can get a breakfast then realise that the particular branch they have gone to does not offer this service. Though Szymanski, et al (1993) suggest that marketing standardisation across business branches is still under constant debate, the effect of giving customers mixed perceptions about opening time s and breakfast service across cities may be problematic. Therefore to ensure that customers have a good customer experience at all times the chain should offer the breakfast menu at all its chains and at the same times. The Price It is important that the price should be competitive however the food offered should also represent the amount of money that the customer is spending on it. The lunch menu at Le Bistrot Pierre according to the website is  £9.75 for two courses and  £11.75 for three courses (Le Bistrot Pierre, 2010). These prices are reasonable when one looks at other French style restaurants in Nottingham. For instance, French Livings lunch time menu offers a two course meal for  £8.50 and a three course meal for  £10.50 (French Living 2010). In addition to this, Le Mistral in Nottingham offers a 2 course lunch menu for  £8.90 and 3 course lunch for  £10.90 (Le Minstral 2010). In regard the wine menu at Le Bistrot Pierre, they offer their cheapest white wine at  £13.75 and the most expensive at  £27.60, and for their red wine, their cheapest is  £17.95 and their most expensive  £61.75. This seems reasonable when compared with Le Mistral another French restaurant in Nottingham that offers their cheapest white wine at  £13.95 and their most expensive at  £45.50, and for their red wine their cheapest is  £13.95 and their most expensive is  £45.60. The Place Place is concerned with the location so that the customer can buy the product with ease, and its accessibility to the store is another important aspect. In the case of the restaurant it ideally should be in a central place. This means that it is in an area of high exposure for potential customers, be they on foot or in a car. In regard to Le Bistrot Pierre, they are located centrally in all their 8 locations. These locations are in different counties in the UK such as, Derby, Harrogate, Leamington Spa, Leicester, Nottingham, Sheffield, Stockton Heath and Stratford-Upon-Avon. Similarly, a new branch is being opened in Yorkshire, providing a wider reach to customers around the UK. A negative aspect of Le Bistrot Pierre is that it does not offer a car parking facility at any of its chains; therefore if someone wishes to park their car they will have to pay high central city prices. One potential improvement for future restaurants within this group would be to have a car parking facility to entice customers from the outskirts of cities to visit them. The Promotion Promotion involves different items and the ways in which businesses communicate their products to the customer showing the benefits of buying their products. Le Bistrot Pierre has 2 very popular promotions they do daily, the first is the Early Bird and Pre-Theatre menu which consists of 2 courses before 7pm and costs 13.90. The second is the Prix Fixe Evening with a glass of St. Jean wine which costs 15.50. In regard to special events, Le Bistrot Pierre offers the Soirà ©e Gastronomique menu on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month for 21.90 and the Dine with Wine 3 course menu, each course comes with a specially matched wine for 26.90. In addition to this, Le Bistrot Pierre also promotes its brand via gift cards that customers can purchase for their family and friends to go and try the restaurants food and drink. The People People includes everyone who is connected to the product. This involves employees, customers, management and the business owners; therefore everyone has an important role in making the business succeed. The restaurant need to have qualified chefs and staff who can present the product to the customers and are experts in French cuisine. Le Bistrot Pierre details on their website the type of person they wish to work them, noting that they wish to employ people who are friendly, enthusiastic, hard working and care about giving excellent customer service in a busy restaurant environment. Le Bistrot Pierres website has several reports from journalists promoting the superior quality of their food. Furthermore, Le Bistrot Pierre uses the media and journalists to promote their offers and competitions for free evening meals. The Process Process focuses on the activities done to the product before it is provided to the customer and the method or the process used to provide the service. The main element in process is time, if the process takes long, the sale of the product will be affected. Interestingly, the Le Bistrot Pierre team visits some suppliers in order to ensure the health of the livestock purchased. This evidently expresses the concern that the management have towards providing the customers with their monies worth. Accordingly, the quicker the process is, the more appreciated the product. In the restaurant website news section, an article taken from Leicester and mercury newspaper dated 3rd June 2010 shows an appreciation to this process of being quick and flawless. The only slight let down mentioned by the writer Gary Mitchell was that when he ordered chocolate mousse for his desert, he ended up with an Orange chocolate he did not order. The Physical Evidence Physical evidence can be defined as the experience in the use of either service or product. For example, brochures or pamphlets that describe the product to the customer to enable him to know what he is buying and its qualities. Also, the restaurant is furnished in a very warm way in which the high and middle class individuals will be comfortable dining and wining. Moreover, the arrangement of the hall can be adjusted to suit family seating. This means customers of different categories can find convenience in Le Bistrot Pierre. In the case of the different restaurant servings, it is described in its various menu cards for starters, main courses, desserts, and drinks. Conclusion In general, Le Bistrot Pierre used all the 7Ps of the marketing mix to meet the needs of the customers, though it slightly failed to use them fully as Gary Mitchells article points out. Improving the quality of the service, adding childrens menu and creating home delivery meals, would help to increase the popularity of the restaurant; though it has already set a good reputation in gastronomy as the restaurant declares it in the website. Furthermore, Le Bistrot Pierre may preferably consider putting the breakfast menu in all branches that do not have this menu yet. This should be supported by specific timing for the breakfast start in all branches. Finally, Le Bistrot Pierre do not have car park and may lose some customers. They could try to create arrangements (or contract) with the nearest car park and tell the customers they have free parking. This will serve as a means to entice potential customers and increase business for the restaurant.

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Pope John Paul II as a Candidate for Canonization Essay example -- ess

The question of whether or not that Pope John Paul II should be canonized can be answered by a review of his teachings and his actions throughout his life. There are countless details and reasons which illustrate that Pope John Paul II is a probable and anticipated candidate for canonization. John Paul has practiced heroic virtue, lived in fidelity to god’s grace, and is believed to carry the Holy Spirit inside him. These reasons will be supported by linking his life on earth with a canonization excerpt from the Catechism. John Paul was supporting and ratifying. His journey began on May 18, 1920 in southern Poland. John’s mother died when he was only 9 years old and was raised by his single father who supported his schooling. He was always optimistic and looked forward to aiding others through his path, until he enters Heaven. As a young teenager, John was an athlete and an actor. Despite his busy schedule, he always took time to work as a volunteer librarian. This demonstrates that John Paul shows God’s grace in helping others in spite of living a fun and ruthless life as ...

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Natural Disasters and Catastrophes Essay

From researching online databases of my city, I’ve found that we are focused on planning ahead for disasters such as hurricanes, or even different forms like terrorism for example. The city acknowledges this strategic planning needed, as well as building public awareness and the development of hazardous mitigation and emergency response plans. According to the mayor, these plans are at completion and ready for use when or if the time ever comes. It was also found that all of this preparedness has been keeping the city’s homeland security team completely busy for the past few years as the city stresses necessary training, new equipment and education and the growing development of the new Community Emergency Response Team. If you are to draw any evidence from these actions of my city, it is that the key stress is maximum preparedness and planning which isn’t a bad emphasis when you’re dealing with natural disasters. Agencies One agency in the city of West Haven in regards to emergency preparedness is the Medical Reserve Corps or MRC. They are actually sponsored by the office of the U.S. Surgeon General. As a community based volunteering network, they are organized to support the existing public health structure during emergencies and even non-emergency events. The responsibilities include managing natural disasters, illnesses, man-made emergencies and community health events. Member positions range from medical practitioners, nurses, mental health professionals as well as miscellaneous volunteering roles. Another agency with emergency preparedness in my city is the Community Emergency Response Team or CERT. On September 23, 2006 CERT was launched in West Haven with thirty two volunteers. The theory behind the development of CERT is actually quite obvious but some places might never put this into perspective sadly. In major emergencies it’s a fact that emergency services are overloaded instantaneously. With CERT created it gives ordinary civilians the training opportunity they need to be prepared in emergency circumstances. This opens up the opportunity for a more independent society  with less of a need to seek professional emergency officials help in a time of crisis. Every area in our world faces the threat of earthquakes and tornadoes and the most common disasters we face are severe storms and floods. Essentially CERT is needed everywhere whether people believe it or not, it’s just whether or not the location acknowledges this. Geography West Haven has a total of 11 square miles of which 0.2 square miles is water and the remainder of space is land. Containing 3.5 miles of publicly accessible beaches, West Haven is bound in the southwest by The Oyster River, northwest by the town of Orange, north by New Haven, northeast by The West River, to the east is New Haven Harbor and to the south there is Long Island Sound which is separated by a break wall. With so much water lining the city it is quite vulnerable to water hazards like flooding and property damage during the several storms or hurricanes we get over the years. I myself have seen lots of homes on the water cease to exist because of these hurricanes in the past few years. In addition to that, there has also been much sand erosion on our beaches within the past few years. Literally half of the distance from our road to the water that was covered with sand now lies there.

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Game of Politics essays

Game of Politics essays What is politics? To the average individual, politics may be the practice of government or the managing of public affairs. However, in Christopher Matthews Hardball, politics is depicted as much more than something that deals with the government. In fact, politics, as portrayed by Matthews, is simply one big game in which a person adroitly and tactfully and does whatever is necessary to learn and eventually reaches the top, while making sure that his personal interests are fulfilled as he does so. Throughout the course of the book, Matthews gave numerous examples of how many famous politicians used their cunning tactics to get ahead. And these tactics, ranging from retailing to wholesaling, are what eventually allowed these politicians to work their way up to the top. In fact, among the several tactics mentioned, one can clearly perceive that retailing, keeping ones enemies where one can see him, spin, and wholesaling are key to the game of politics, for in essence, these are the suc cessful methods by which ordinary men became renowned politicians. Perhaps retailing, or working one individual at a time, best illustrates how politics is played. In fact, it was this technique that Lyndon Baines Johnson used to become staff aide, and then the Senate Majority Leader, and finally President of the United States. Basically, what Johnson did was he pleased one legislator at a time, letting him know that his concerns no matter how minute, were of great importance to Johnson. And this, LBJ did until he had achieved his goal. According to House aide Craig Raupe, LBJ would take nineteen names and call them all. This clearly shows that Johnson took the time to get to know those with whom he dealt. By taking the time to speak with each individual and paying tribute to his works, LBJ allowed his victim to feel as though he was important. Thus, as every man loves to hear about h ...

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Marx Marxism and Marxian Analysis Tha Essay

Marx Marxism and Marxian Analysis Tha Essay Marx: Marxism and Marxian Analysis Tha Essay 1. discover the key principles of the marxian approach - namely dialectical materialism 2. decide whether the key concepts generated by those principles fit these recent changes: A. the dominance of a liberal-capitalist form of political economy, and its increasing control over countries around the globe and 2.2 of corporations growing bigger than national economies ie becoming transnational corporations 2.3 the increasingly alienation(lack of control over the system they have created) of the capitalists leading them to lose control of the financial systems they create (eg low prime loans being reconstructed, or split and shuffled, into securitised bonds sold around the world to buyers who are unsure of what it is they are buying) Marx in vol III of Capital forwarned readers of these 2007 events.and of these 2.4 the increasing alienation (lackof control)of the poltical forms supporting this economc system 2.5 the increasing exploitation of the work force as the transnational firms move to cheaper and less protected workers in labour markets around the world. B. On the other hand, this increased power of the Transnational companies to move to cheaper labour forces around the world, has meant that: in the richer Western countries: a)The physical labour of the working class diminishes to be replaced by a mixture of white collar, clerical, service and professional workers and long term unemployed. b) the economic culture has increased both the level of consumerism and complicated loans systems that has enabled a higher proportion of people to live the life-style of the middle class ie increasing home ownership levels/constant updating of their cars/kitchens etc Thus the abrupt conflict in the West between the working class and the capitalist class based on an increasing level of class consciounsess of the working class- has not developed. C.Gender,non Heterosexual and Racist structures of power intersect with Class inequalities.However, this can be interpreted either as an alternative to, or as an additional aspect, of the conflictual relations of a Liberal Democratic Capitalist society.. D. Similarly the rise and decline of Bureacratic forms of Communist control in Russian, China, etc

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Preservation of rainforests & maintaining ecobalance Essay

Preservation of rainforests & maintaining ecobalance - Essay Example In addition it is very sad to note that about 150 acres of rainforests are victims of fire every minute equating to 200,000 acres every day meaning annually 78 million acres of valuable rainforests are going up in smoke! The colossal loss due to deforestation of rainforests can be gauged from the statistics given below: Extinction of rare medicine men (called shamans) having knowledge of the herbs and plants of medicinal value in rainforests: for example in the Amazonian rainforest the population of Indians has dwindled and fallen to a mere 200,000 from ten million in five centuries. Consequences of deforestation can be classified into local and global sectors. The immediate effects of deforestation are evident at local level and the effects at global level are evident in long term. The forest acts like a sponge by absorbing enormous amount of water during heavy rainfall and releasing at regular intervals, thus preventing floods and drought cycles. On deforestation the rainwater immediately drains off through streams into rivers, thus raising their water level and submerging villages, cities and agricultural fields downstream. During dry season the areas downstream are prone to long droughts, preventing river navigation and interrupting industrial operations. Rainforests help raise the humidity levels through transpiration resulting into good rainfall. Deforestation results in decline of rainfall since less or no moisture is evapotranspired into the atmosphere. Globally the wind and ocean current patterns are altered due to deforestation of rainforests and the r ainfall distribution is bound to become unstable (Source: Consequences of deforestation of site). Deforestation also results into erosion of fertile soil, thus reducing the productivity and increasing the expenditure on fertilizers. The washed off fertile soil gets accumulated on river bed thus raising water level and causing floods, the silt may also obstruct the hydroelectric projects located downstream (Source: Consequences of deforestation of site). Deforestation results in reduction of oxygen levels increase in carbon dioxide and other gas levels in the atmosphere. This effect is called "greenhouse effect". The greenhouse effect causes a rise in temperature allover the world i.e., Global Warming and it has long term repercussions (Source: Consequences of deforestation of site). The various species of living forms in a rainforest be it plants or animals have developed a complex symbiotic relationship for millions of years, when one species is removed from this complex system the whole system is severely effected. In a symbiotic relationship both the participating species benefit mutually. Symbiotic relationship is a rule and not an exception in rainforests (Rainforest Ecology). Human being is solely responsible both direct and indirect deforestation by indulging in various activities such as slash-and-burn farming,

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Financial analysis of Vodafone and Exeter University Essay

Financial analysis of Vodafone and Exeter University - Essay Example Establish a robust and emerging market. The organization aims to manage a dynamic portfolio in order to render the maximum gains to its investors and shareholders. The capital structure of the firm must be aligned in such a manner that the return and strategy are both in tandem with each other and the shareholders gain maximum returns with the new three year dividend target. The Key Performance Indicators of Vodafone are based on the continuous monitoring and control by the Board of the Directors along with the Executive Committee to measure the financial performance of the company against the strategic objectives. The performance is measured on both the financial and non-financial terms reflecting upon the organizational strategy and operations. The free cash flow generated by the organization values ?7,241m which can be used by investments and other financial purposes such as manager’s salary etc. The organic growth of the company is estimated to be ?4,051m , almost 19.3 % T he capital expenditure incurred by the company for meeting the needs and requirements of its customers is ?6,192m It was witnessed that at the end of the financial year 2010, many markets relocated to NPS that is another source to measure the customer satisfactory levels. EBITDA is used as a measure to monitor and control segment wise performance of the company which is calculated to be ?14,735m (7.4) % in 2010. Apart from the above, the performance of the company can also be judged from the total increase in employees from last year to a count of 5893 employees out of which major senior positions have been grabbed by female employees. Vodafone has to combat threat of fierce competition among few... Financial analysis of Vodafone and Exeter University Vodafone Group being a private company deals in the global telecommunication business which is headquartered in UK and spread across 30 countries. The organization extends a wide span of voice and data services to many countries across the world through the medium of mobiles. The span of control extends from Europe, Africa, and Middle East, America to Asia-Pacific. The product line of the company ranges from fixed line, internet services to digital television. The total revenue of the organization in the year 2010 was  £44.47 billion; the operating income was calculated to be  £9.480 billion and the total profit was ascertained to be  £156.98 billion in 2010. The organization stands second in terms to total number of subscribers. The company is a listed company featured in the primary list of London Stock Exchange and secondary listing on NASDAQ, also being a fundamental component of 100 Index. The total revenue of the Vodafone group has witnessed an 8.4 percent increase, reach ing almost  £44,472 million. Vodafone believes that EBITDA that is ascertains does not entail few items that may have an impact on the company’s performance, hence to offset the imbalance the EBITDA is evaluated in coordination with the other GAAP and non-GAAP principles that gives a fair view of its operating profit figures. However the adjusted operating profit calculated by the firm does not include non-operating income, the impairment losses etc.