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Euthanasi Active And Passive Euthanasia - 1562 Words

Euthanasia, also known as voluntary or assisted suicide, is used for terminally ill patients to end their lives instead of undergoing painful treatments and torment of waiting for death. There are, however, two different ways in which A can bring about B’s death. In this essay I will present the distinction between active and passive euthanasia as explained by James Rachels in his article called â€Å"Active and Passive Euthanasia†. I will also debate whether euthanasia is justified or not by presenting arguments both pro and against euthanasia including pain and financial burden as justifications for euthanasia and abuse of rights as against euthanasia. The major distinction described by Rachels would be, simply put, killing and letting die.†¦show more content†¦Rachels argues â€Å"To begin with a familiar type of situation, a patient who is dying of incurable cancer of the throat is in terrible pain†¦ This fact provides strong reason for thinking that†¦ active euthanasia is actually preferable to passive euthanasia, rather than the reverse.† (Rachels, 78) Rachels argument is that there is no moral difference between actively killing a patient and passively allowing the patient to die. For example, killing Joan benefits Bill. Whether Bill kills him directly or lets him die doesn’t affect the morality of the situation. Thus, both the situations would be considered equally immoral. The conclusion following the example above would be that there is no difference between killing (active euthanasia) and letting die (passive euthanasia). According to Rachels, accepting that there is a distinction between active and passive euthanasia would result in decisions about life and death being made on irrelevant grounds. For example, autistic infants sometimes have correctable secondary problems, such as having an intestinal obstruction; but decisions are made to forego corrective surgery (and thus let the infant die) simply because the parents do not want the burden of having an autistic child. In Rachels opinion, passive euthanasia may generally be preferable to active euthanasia which doesn’t seem right. Being allowed to die can be an incredibly painful process. A lethal injection, however, is less painful. Assuming a terminally ill

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Diabetes A Common Chronic Disease - 1214 Words

Diabetes Diabetes is a common chronic disease that causes problems in the way the blood uses food. The inability of the body to transform the sugar into energy is called diabetes. Glucose is the primary source of fuel for our body. When foods are digested, some of those foods are converted into glucose. Glucose then is transferred into the bloodstream and is used by cells for energy. However, for the glucose to be transferred from the blood into the cells, insulin, which was produced by beta cells in the pancreas is needed. In individuals with diabetes, this process is impaired. Currently, the disease affects approximately 371 million people of the world s population with incidence and prevalence rates rising rapidly (Alotabi, A.,†¦show more content†¦Diabetes is associated with wide range of complications such as chronic renal failure, blindness, amputations, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, neuropathy (Alotabi, A., et al., 2016). There is no known cure f or diabetes, but the disease can be controlled through health management that includes multiple perspectives of care such as medications, blood glucose monitoring, diet, nutrition, screening for long-term complications and regular physical activity (Alotabi, A., et al., 2016). Managing diabetes is complicated and requires knowledge and skills on the part of both healthcare providers and clients. Studies have shown that to prevent or delay diabetic complications, counseling and other lifestyle interventions are the effective therapy. However, although there are so many policies set up for diabetes, 8.1 million Americans are undiagnosed with diabetes mellitus, and approximately 86 million Americans ages 20 and older have blood glucose levels that considerably increase their risk of developing diabetes mellitus in the next several years (CDC, 2015). For diabetes care to be successful, it requires a good understanding of the disease and

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Election of 1800 free essay sample

Edward J. Larson analyzes the pivotal presidential election, sometimes referred to as a revolution, of 1800 that established two disparate political parties, challenged the United States Constitution, and threatened the nation’s unity. Because this was the first time in American history that partisan campaigning was distinctly apparent, it was a significant piece of the election of 1800. When establishing the opposing campaigns of 1800, the article states, â€Å"†¦divided Americans into two distinct partisan camps: the Federalist of President John Adams and Alexander Hamilton –ideological ancestors of modern Republicans- versus the Republicans, or the future Democrats.† Here it is not only giving information on the situation of the fourth presidential election, but the situation that set the precedent for presidential elections to come. Even â€Å"207 years later†, as Larson writes, the political breach on policies and ideas shapes the government of the United States. The election of 1800 included the race between the following candidates: Thomas Jefferson, Aaron Burr, Alexander Hamilton and Charles Pinckney. We will write a custom essay sample on Election of 1800 or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page After all the votes were calculated â€Å"Jefferson and Burr had 73 votes each.† The election ended in a tie between two members of the same party. As an immediate result of the election’s initial outcome, the Constitution was put to the test. The voting process in place by the Constitution showed its faults with the changing bipartisan mentality of America. This newly discovered weakness â€Å"led to the adoption of the 12th Amendment to the US Constitution.† This amendment prevented a repeat of the election of 1800 by making voting for president and vice president separate. Never again could tie be caused by equal voting by a party. Here the government adapted to the changing fundamentals of the partisan politics of the United States; it shows concern for the good people. In referring to the election of 1800 Larson concludes by making the claim that â€Å"†¦- the nation barely survived such contest.† He is saying that this event had the potential to crumble the United States. As opposing sides, political parties, emerged America could have separated. George Washington, in his farewell address, urged the country to avoid political parties and remain a cohesive unit; however, as politics evolved it was a natural occurrence for distinct parties to form. It was up to the American people and government  legislators to realize the problem and find a resolution in order to keep the unity of the United States of America. Compromises made by people throughout the election allowed for the choosing of a president, which at some points looked like a position that would never be filled. The election of 1800 marked the first peaceful transition of power in politics from one opposing party to another. It was unfamiliar territory that confronted the United States who proved to be a lasting nation, resolving conflicts of political parties, Constitutional amendments and keeping everyone as one nation. This revolution of 1800 turned out to be a defining moment for the government of the United States of America.

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International Expansion Strategies for McDonalds and Wal

Strategy Similarities The two companies have similar strategies that they used in their overseas markets. First, both companies used price leadership strategy, whereby they sought to lead in low prices. Wal-Mart achieved this by being efficient in their costs management. As a result of low costs, they were able to charge low prices for their products compared to their competitors.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on International Expansion Strategies for McDonald’s and Wal-Mart specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More McDonald’s also used low-price strategy. For instance, for only twenty cents, one can buy a small drink and small fries. In addition both companies used expansion strategy to create demand, whereby they open their branches in various locations to stimulate demand. For instance Wal-Mart has been opening retail stores all over Mexico with an aim of creating convenience to shoppers (Tilly, 2005). On the other hand, McDonald’s has opened stores in high traffic areas in China, which has made customers to easily walk in for a meal (China Daily, 2004). Differences in Strategies McDonald has embraced localization strategies, whereby it has designed its services and products in line with the cultures of the Chinese people. For instance, McDonalds in 2004 changed the interiors of some of its restaurants to have a Chinese appearance. In addition, it introduced some Chinese foods in to its menus such as corn soup and vegetable soup (China Daily, 2004). However, Wal-Mart concentrates on selling standardized products which are either obtained from Mexican suppliers or from the US. Another difference is that. Although McDonalds focuses on low prices it puts more emphasis on quality and value. For instance it has a dollar menu which is also referred to as value menu. This is contrary to Wal-Mart which focuses more on reduced prices than on quality (Tilly, 2005). Influence of governme nt policies on expansion strategies The implementation of China’s open-policy was an impetus to McDonald’s expansion strategies. This is because restrictions against foreign firms were reduced; as a result the company was able to open up more restaurants in the country (Punithavathi Rajakumari, 2008). On the other hand, by the year 1991, when Wal-Mart entered Mexico the North American Free trade agreement was about to be passed. This was a motivation to Wal-Mart as trade barriers between the US and Mexico would be reduced. This therefore encouraged the company to continue with its collaboration activities with Cifra. In fact by 1997, Wal-Mart had bought the majority share of Cifra (Tilly, 2005).Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Other factors affecting demand Culture is one major factor that is facing McDonalds, whereby the Chinese people prefer traditional food s that have extensive cuisine, color and flavor. Therefore the company has no option, as it is forced to come up with products and services that represent their culture. The other factor that affects demand is competition, whereby there are other established competitors in the Chinese fast food market. There is KFC which has expansive distribution networks, compared to McDonalds. Therefore McDonalds has been forced to differentiate itself as having the best beef products in the Chinese market (China Daily, 2004). Macro and micro environment factors Toyota has been able to beat its competitors in the automobile industry by selling the most number of cars in 2010. This is because as fuel prices and global production costs went up, the company was able to produce quality vehicles at a relatively lower price than its competitors (Toyota Motor Corporation, n.d). Microsoft Corporation has innovations that it has used to stay ahead of its competitors in the technology industry. Its capacit y to develop innovative application packages, has given it an edge over its competitors for more than three decades (Kalakota Whinston, 1997) References China Daily, (2004, June 01). KFC and McDonald’s-a model of blended culture. Web. Kalakota, R. and Whinston, A. B., (1997). Electronic commerce: a manager’s guide. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Addison-Wesley. Punithavathi, s. and Rajakumari, D. J., (2008). McDonald’s in China. Web.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on International Expansion Strategies for McDonald’s and Wal-Mart specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Tilly, C., (2005). Wal-Mart in Mexico: The limits of growth. Web. Toyota, (n.d). Innovation. Web. This essay on International Expansion Strategies for McDonald’s and Wal-Mart was written and submitted by user Jovani S. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.