Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Need to Eliminate the Abusive Treatment of Muslim Women Essay

The Need to Eliminate the Abusive Treatment of Muslim Women xxx thousand men and boys poured into the dilapidated Olympic sports stadium in Kabul, cap of Afghanistan. Street hawkers peddle nuts, biscuits and tea to the waiting crowd. The scheduled entertainment? They were in that location to see a newfangled wo valet, Sohaila, receive 100 lashes, and to watch dickens thieves capture their hands chopped off. Sohaila had been arrested while walking with a man who was no relation to her, a sufficient crime for her to be implant guilty of adultery. Since she was single, it was punishable by flogging or a serial of lashes had she been married, she would contribute been publicly stoned to death (Goodwin).Goodwin in any case stated that as Sohaila, completely covered in shroud-like burqa veil, was forced to kneel and past whipped, Taliban Cheerleaders had the stadium ringing with chants of onlookers. Among those present there were only three women the young Afghan, and two female relatives who accompanied her.Women ar treated unfairly tout ensemble around the world, but in some places, worse than others. In Afghanistan, women argon not allowed to do much of anything. They ar restricted to their homes and are not allowed to exit without a good reason. Also, they must be fully covered. Women are not even allowed to leave the house if they need medical assistance. It is also illegal for women to show off any part of a their embody to anyone other than their husbands. Meetings, even among groups of women, are prohibited in Afghanistan. They are out(p) from getting an education and from employment. They are treated as their husbands possessions. (Courcey)Muslim women should have the right to be present in public without hiding their identity. What have women done t... ...tor on staff would not have been allowed to remove her clothes. When women are punished for any contact with a male, the punishment can final result in death. Other punishments include la shes and mutilation of the limbs.There is hope for these women, such as Sohaila. People around the world and especially from the United States are on their side. They are not only fighting for these womens rights, but their lives as well. These womens splendor will be returned through cooperation, and they will once again be appreciated. Works CitedCourcey, Kevin. Freethought & Womens Rights. Freedom From Religion Foundation.March 1998. December 5, 2001 <, Jan. Buried alert Afghan Women Under the Taliban. Echonyc.February 27, 1998. December 3, 2001 < .

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