Saturday, June 1, 2019

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Where we Stand by HooksIn our current society, it is acceptable to talk to the highest degree induce or gender. However, when it comes to the subject of class, people tend to tense, and are uncertain as to where they stand. At one time in history money afforded prestige and power, heretofore now, money is a large part of our society and tends to rule many peoples lives. In the carry Where We Stand Class Matters, by bell courts, she describes a invigoration growing up in a family who had nothing, to now becoming one of Americas most admired writers. She wrote this book because she wanted to write about her journey from a working class world to class-consciousness, and how we are challenged everyday with the widening gap between the rich and the poor. In her book, hooks describes a life dominated by the haunting issues of money, race, and class.Looking at this from the different perspectives of a functionalist, typic interactionist, and conflict helps to show other points of v iew. If you were to look at this book from a functionalists perspective you would be looking at it from an extremely greedy aspect. A functionalist would say that their parents and society told them that only people with money were sincere and successful. Thus, causing you to feel like trash or class if you did not light up a huge salary, and live a wealthy life. A symbolic interactionist would tell you that they grew up where all of their peers drove nice cars, and had large homes, so to fit in, you need to be able to buy those things. However, a person with a conflict point of view would say that it was her ongoing struggle with society, and having to defend her class, that has made her who she is today. There are many norms and values expressed throughout hooks writing. In the early part of the twentieth century survival belonged to the fittest. Not necessarily meaning fittest as strongest, but able to produce, work hard, and make a secure life for yourself and family. On the o ther hand, in todays society the message is that survival belongs only to the greedy. Also many novel kids have the notion that in order to live the good life you must be wealthy of material possessions. Younger kids have to deal a lot more with the pressures associated with wealth.

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