Monday, June 17, 2019

Managing new ventures Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Managing new ventures - Essay ExampleHappy Pet Supplies will participate in social and community development activities with an aim of building its reputation as a socially responsible organization.The organization will engage in rigorous marketing of its products both within and outside London even for the first year of its operation. Marketing campaigns will be carried out at several(a) times depending on the seasons and convenience to potential customers.12. As earlier stated, the initial capital needed to establish the business is $33, 000. This amount is expected to be plenty to support the company fully in its initial stages of establishment. This amount was contributed by various parties as outlined below.13. It is estimated that on average, the company will sell feeders deserving 6,000, feeds worth 2,000, Kennels worth 5,000 and Shampoos worth 3,000. The company also expects to sell accessories worth 4,000 per month its total daily revenue enhancement amounting to ab out $834. The expected monthly revenue is 20,000.The second year is expected to bring a pretax profit plus interest totaling 181,000 and a closing balance of 102,000. The third year is expected to confirm a pretax profit plus interest of 220,000 and a closing balance of

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