Saturday, June 15, 2019

2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

2 - Essay ExampleThis discussion explains how they American Patriots won the Revolutionary War.American colonies won the Revolutionary War by means of the use of various strategies that disadvantaged its enemies. It is necessary to explain that a good contend is fought by an army that is located near its home. America fought a war that took place on its major colonies and thus it was very easy for military orders, troops and supplies to reach their destination without delay. On the other hand, the British colonized a very expansive region and this means that there were challenges in transporting troops and other military supplies to soldiers. The distance covered by British troops was lengthy and cumbersome compared to the one covered by American troops. Therefore, geographical barriers became a huge hindrance to the British Empire and this put their troops at a disadvantage (Zinn 55). On the other hand, it was very easy for American troops to be organized and get military supplie s and new recruits within a trivial time.Secondly, Americans had clear objectives that motivated its troops to fight and ensure they were achieved. In addition, Americans supported their troops to help them have adequate supplies that would enable them to fight without being in a disadvantaged position. It is necessary to explain that Americans believed that no country had a right to invade its territory and command its citizens. Therefore, they fought to reject violation of their rights and ensure they were allowed to do what they wanted without restrictions. In addition, America had been colonized by the British for a long time and it was time to become self-governed. One of their main objectives of waging war with Britain was to avert the British rule and become independent. It was not easy to become independent without engaging in bloodshed. On the other hand, the British had no

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