Monday, June 10, 2019

Informatics and Framus Computers Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

information science and Framus Computers - Case Study ExampleIn order for this situation to be arrested, an outside intervention is necessary.The structures of the two companies do not align with the overall goals of the businesses. In order for such businesses to work together as a single unit, the businesses quest to remove structural hurdles through ensuring that two structures support the shared operations (Mills 2007). In this case, the two businesses do not have clear structures. For instance, Informatics is more formal, bureaucratic, and hierarchical compared to Framus. This affects the flow of information between the two debaucheds.The strategies by the two businesses are not based on the competitive advantage of both(prenominal) firms. On the contrary, the two firms are almost competing with each other. This is affecting the relationship between the two firms which depends on each other for existence.The systems of the two companies have not been laid properly in order to enhance coordination. As a result, there is no trust among the two organizations, an aspect that is affecting the overall bore of computer components being delivered to Informatics.The staff and their style of work are different. Both sides blame each other for the challenges facing the organizations. For instance, the top-level managers of Framus feel that the other companies that use their products do not raise similar complaints that are raised by Informatics. However, on the other hand, Informatics Companys management feel that the other firm is not doing enough to address the quality issues that have been raised by the business. The push and pull are affecting the overall performances of the businesses.In order for both businesses to work together effectively, they need to have similar organizational structure. This would make it easier for the top-level managers to communicate easily with the rest of the subordinates (Mills 2007).

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