Sunday, June 2, 2019

Gm Foods Essay -- essays research papers

genetically Modified Foods Harmful to NatureThe process of genetically Modified (GM) Foods is the way of the future, it is promised to help eliminate ground hunger crosswise the world. Genetically modified foods atomic number 18 going to create a healthier, drought resistant crops which do not need any sprayed chemicals, but that is not the case. Genetically Modified Foods, are unsafe because of the many organisms in the food that may affect the eubstance, which has not been identified yet. It is estimated that 2/3 of the United States supermarket may make up Genetically Modified Foods, or Genetically Modified elements. Genetically Modified Foods can cause allergies, destroy ecosystems, and are dangerous to eat. Therefore they should not be allowed to distribute them in our supermarkets. Genetically Modified Foods are a health hazard and give not improve anything except create more world issues.Genetically Modified Foods should not be mistaken with Hybrid crops. Hybrid crops a re plants whom breed with other plants producing a better offspring, for the consumtion of the consumer. Genetically Modified Foods are plants that have had their DNA tampered or mixed with another gene or chemical, producing a brand new strand of DNA. It is believed that when mixing the DNA and genes in Genetically Modified Foods is that, it will create a better nutritious long lasting fruit or plant for the consumer. Producing new strands of DNA can be deadly, as it can produce wild outcomes that may not be able to be controlled. What the unnamed is that, the consequences maybe deadly to the consumer, it is unknown how the human body can react the tampered food.Previously stated, Genetically Modified Foods have probably been eaten already at least once by the population. Once again 2/3 of America has genetically modified foods in thier supermarket. With a high percentage, people wonder what the long term effects may be in the long run in food consumption. The crop most altered is the Soy Bean, the 2nd most altered crop is Corn. Soy Bean is an ingredient used in almost everything we eat or consume, it is found in milk, candies, cookies, bread, ice cream, and even baby food. This means Genetically modified foods can be in anything we eat and we wont even know it, nor does it make the food smell or taste any ... ...t the balance of the ecosystem, and if an specie is unable to survive, it will cause the food chain to collapse.Since Genetically Modified ingredients arent listed on nutrition labels, any extra iron or vitamin A will be unknown to the consumer. The consumer will be unaware of the danger he or she may put herself into if she has a powerless metabolism. A consumer may look at a label and think everything is perfectly fine but is unaware of da extra iron in the product produced by the Genetically Modified soybeans. withal much iron in a body can cause neurological brain damage. Other similar incidents may occur if the consumers body is weak and can not consume nor react properly to an overdose of a certain nutrient.Until Genetically Modified Foods are safe to consume by any organism, they should not be produced or sold to the consumer. Consumers are unaware of the food they are buying if it is labelled, and are unaware of the health risk they are putting themselves in. With all the problems slightly G.M Foods, they is no reason to be growing, manufacturing, or selling Genetically Modified Foods, without letting the consumer know.

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