Sunday, June 9, 2019

Imposing tax on soda Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Imposing tax on soda - Essay ExampleIts a serious trouble that great deal are facing. tho levying soda tax, does have a proper way of controlling obesity.First, soft drinks tax might increase low-income family economic burden. For example, numerous low-income families in the U.S have to a greater extent than 3 members, and any spending expenses could be important to them. Leonhard (2010) reports that a small soda tax could actually have a worse impact on some families budgets than a substantial one---by raising the price of soda without affecting consumption (p.1).Its similar with teenagers, even though they are big soda drinkers, they are especially price sensitive. In addition, low-income family has few members who are overweight due to their economic situation. Its unfair to them to suffer soda tax.Secondly, it could not reduce the quantity of obesity. There are a great number of factors such as eating habits or racial groups that own obesity. For instance, fast food such as McDonald, KFC are popular in American. Burgers, fries are parts of people live. They have high calories and they also allure to fat build up. McLeay point out (2003) one out of four people in America eat fast food. reveals that 50 million people in the U.S. rely on fast food. People are able to drink water or juicy instead of soda (as cited in Helpugide. Org). Yet its hard to change their eating habits. If say soda drinks is a factor that founts obesity, fast food is the root cause of obesity. Therefore, levying tax mere on soda drinks cannot decrease the level of obesity. Besides, racial groups also have effect on the level of obesity. Marlow and Shires (2010) explained Consumption data reveal that white persons consume more carbonated soft drinks than other race groups, and that blacks consume more high-calorie fruit drinks and ads. Nutritive sweetened beverages suggest that fruit drinks and Ades are a greater cause of obesity than carbonated soft drinks (p.37). If the

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