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U.S History pre-1877 Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

U.S History pre-1877 - Movie Review ExampleWhile dashs like dancing with the wolves has shown the beauty of nature and the way human beings throne feel romantic active the natural things, Black Robe is just dull and depriving without any romanticizing of nature. However, the Indians atomic number 18 also human beings and this fact is depicted in the withdraw as the film provides many glimpses of their tenderness and sensitivity. However, they engage in brutal and cruel activities more for the sake of their faith and belief in God, quite an than for themselves. Therefore, they consider the sacrifice of flesh a sacrament for their faith.The opening scenes of places in New France also show French as equally vulgar and dirty. The film provides a message that given the chance and circumstances, French men can also become cruel like the Indians. Although there is a vast heathen difference, the opening scenes show the commonality of two cultures, white French and Red Indians as both are equally superstitious, being very funny about the interaction of spirituality with the physical bodies of human kind, belonging to both the communities. This is very well expressed in the processional scenes and dance shows that come in the first of the film. This certainly highlights the meaningful cultural relationship, at least with regard to the brutality of human kind........( Canby, 1991 Black Robe)This is a civil war epic produced by Freddie Fields, which shows the 54 Regiment of Massachusetts comprising of mainly black men, including the escaped slaves from south and some free Northern blacks. However, the regiment has a distinguished character as they are given rough combat training only to loot the southern towns while destroying its habitants and collect the profits from the goods sales lifted during such raids and looting carnage.The film is again different from other war films as the training and raising of battalions gets a back seat in the film., while the braver y

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