Monday, April 22, 2019

Quesions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Quesions - Assignment subjectThe other type of leadership is bureaucratic leadership where the leaders follow the set rules and regulations rigorously and the uniform goes for their followers (Class Notes, 2015). This type of leadership is most common in organizations, government agencies and industries. The other type is the delegative leadership, as well known as the Laissez-Faire type of leadership. The leaders who use this type of leadership do non offer any assistance to the followers and in most cases the followers be their own supervisors. The followers make their own decisions and carry-out their activities without too much supervision.Among these leadership styles, I believe that I am suit well as a democratic leader. For example, when I join study groups I tend to privilege it when everyone participates in solving the academic problems even though the teacher has the final say about solutions we get. I am aw are that such type of leadership ensures that followers ar e motivated because they feel interchangeable they are part of the decision made. It also makes followers feel extremely all important(p) in a group or in organizations which results to increased commitment and work output or performance for students. The challenges are there because I know most followers under his type of leadership tend to be less productive than those who may be in an authoritarian group.The climate of a campus is critically important for the success of students (Gorton & Alston, 2011). By climate, this refers to a school environment that is like to foster the continuity and successful nurture process. Hence, if the climate is favorable for students and teachers, learning becomes a continuous process and success is guaranteed when students and teachers do their best. For example, if there are riots in a school the teachers and students are not in a good position to go about their tasks. Teachers cannot teach when students are rioting and students also hamper their learning process. There are

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