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Internet Service Providers Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

internet Service Providers - Dissertation utilizationIn the long-run, making it legal to allow ISPs to charge premium rate for priority services leave open new business opportunity for ISPs to earn more money which eventually can be spent on further improvements on their existing net income infrastructure or the need to course new fibber networks (BBC News, 2010 Blodget, 2010). On the contrary, there are also a liberal group of community and business organizations who will be negatively affected by implementing differential gear pricing on Internet services. For this reason, there are a lot of individuals who are against making it legal for ISPs to offer different levels of Internet services based on what the customers are willing to remunerate for. By allowing the ISPs to offer low grocery store prices for poor quality Internet services, ISPs will have the edge to convince more people to pay more money for faster Internet glide slope. It means that the end-customers will h ave to shoulder a large amount of money for using more Internet bandwidth (Blodget, 2010 Jarvis, 2010). Two- accelerate internet aims to charge premium prices on topic makers and customers who are willing to pay more for fast lane access (BBC News, 2010). ... s on YouTube or improve the current Internet services offered Google will negatively affected once the two speed internet connection is implemented (Jarvis, 2010). As a result, the number of audiences these online advertisers are targeting may eventually shrink. lucre neutrality is referring to the principle wherein information transferred through Internet services are treated with equal priority (Stair, Reynolds and Reynolds, 2010, p. 275). It means that ISPs are obliged to collect equal payment from each of the Internet users regardless of whether or not the end-users are using more or less bandwidth. Implementing the two-speed Internet policy or differential pricing in UK can lead to the end of the Internet. Since it will be costly on the plane section of the Internet users to pay for Internet services, the overall expected Internet traffic will decrease. As a result, the business of content providers and online advertisers like Google and Facebook are expected to become less effective. This is the primary reason wherefore Google and Facebook are strongly in support of net neutrality for landline and wireless networks (Maisto, 2010 McCarthy, 2010). Q.2 Discuss the extremity to which it is valid and useful to treat all data as being equal in the mise en scene of it being transferred across the internet. Net neutrality serves as a guide in terms of preserving the users license to have access to an open Internet. In other words, the context of net neutrality requires all data being transferred across the Internet should be treated equally provided that these data are legal. As explained by Andersen and Gray (2008, p. 289), net neutrality requires all ISPs to avoid promoting discrimination among it s customers by offering speed-up or slow-down access to Web-based contents. Morley (2008,

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