Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Mini Position Paper Essay Example for Free

Mini Position Paper proveMany develops exist that dont create student success. In too many school systems today, students atomic number 18 deprived of the education they charter to become successful in life. What is society doing to make sealed these students find their behavior? What does it take for them to become successful participants of society? After reading Freires, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, I must say there is rough truth to students being oppressed for they ar being squeeze to matriculate in an educational environment they arent familiar with cant survive in or dont want to be in. Students who are in the predicament noned preceding(prenominal) are non able to thrive in a strong academic environment because, as Freire states, they dont deal their reality. If they knew their reality, they would be better prepared to ad still to what they need for academic success. My cast is that students that will better succeed in vocational or magnet schools. The vocatio nal option is outmatch suited for students that are not college bound and need to learn hands-on job skills to work mightily out of high school. For the nontraditional student the magnet option can work well.As a dancer, I attended magnet performing art school and this opportunity allowed me to learn about my dodge and move on to earning a scholarship to Temple University in dance and theater. It allowed me the option to engage heterogeneous in a field that I love and having a love for what you do makes the difference in which you become. There is no denying that people are mentally in different places at different times in their lives. Whether they baffle been raised in a single parent home, or whether they grew up in an environment that isnt conducive to learning, it is important that students know what they can handle in an educational setting.For some students, an advanced math class or AP courses may not be reasonable. There are some students that understand where they stand academically and know that they arent able to learn under the same conditions as other students. These students need to develop other avenues in which to become successful. Vocational and Magnet schools are a great source for students that arent ready for a rigorous academic curriculum. Although students will still get the core courses they need to graduate, they will also have a trade that will at least keep them employed and able to take care of them after graduating.There are students that have a love for cosmetology, auto mechanics or even plumbing. whiz important fact is that there are colleges that offer two year degrees in these vocational trades. It is crucial that todays generation know that there are options outside of becoming a doctor or lawyer. While we always need lawyers, doctors, and teachers, the world also needs mechanics to fix cars, a plumber to fix leaks the correct way or even a specialist to make sure a heating or strain conditioning system is properly working.It is important that todays student be comfortable in knowing that being academically challenged is okay, and that choosing a vocational education is an option. Vocational Magnet educations are just as important and should be interjected in all of todays schools for they too serve a vital function in preparing our students in life. The Guardian, a newspaper printed in the U. K. , ran an condition in 2013 regarding vocational educations. It questioned the validity of the concept of vocational educations by asking the public if they value vocational skills.The article allowed people to give their opinions. Although most people were in support of vocational education, there were some that werent. One person commented that though he didnt look down on vocational education, he would not consider the vocational route if he didnt get the grades needed to attend a university. He washed-up by explaining he would definitely go for A-levels because in his opinion, they are far more respected by employers and universities. In his opinion, having a career rather than a skill is more esteemed.After reading the article, I was stunned at the idea that vocational educations arent respected. That a plumber or custodian is not valued is a disrespectful and cocky position to take. Society will always needs somebody to make sure offices are clean and bathroom toilets run properly. People underestimate that diverse careers are needed for the world to effectively revolve. Unfortunately vocational skills like plumbing, carpentry, and electricians have been downgraded in social place over the years.One of the biggest issues in education today is low graduation rates, low college entry and a growing rate of un handicraft. Vocational education can be the resolution to this problem. What are missing in schools are alternatives like a technical baccalaureate, which offers valuable learning and real skills, and leads to real jobs for young people. get children in the right pro gram for their learning needs is what leads to success. Vocational qualifications serve a need for finical kinds of students and are very important skills.Vocational education training provides career and technical education for students kindle in jobs that are based upon labor-intensive or real-world jobs. The plus side to vocational education is that students have the opportunity to work in their field while in school it requires less education than cardinal year degree programs the vocational fields are vast and varied such as, pharmacy and health check technicians, paralegals, medical assistants, office assistants, cosmetologists, mechanics and construction workers it assists in higher graduation rates increased employment and overall student achievement.The objective in education is to assist students in their quest of having a fixed life. A vocational education reinforces the connections between secondary and postsecondary education, and improves accountability for studen ts.

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