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Constructive Critique on Public Speaking Essay Example for Free

Constructive Critique on Public Speaking stressDr. Pausch lost his battle with cancer, but his legacy lives on through his achievements and in the countless number of students who were rose-cheeked to learn from such an extraordinary individual. Dr. Randy Pausch was a widely respected professor from the University of Carnegie Mellon. He co-founded the pleasure technology center in 1999 and he spearheaded the creation of the Alice Project, a program that aids in the encyclopedism of computer science academics. Dr. Pausch has received numerous accolades from his work and dedication to his students. He has appeared on many tv set shows like Good Morning America and the Oprah show. To this day people are still recounting the lessons well-educated from Dr. Pausch. In a recent video interview highlighted on the Oprahs website, one lady utter what she thought was so meaningful to her close to Dr. Pausch and his crucifys as his amazing out score a line on life and his delay f or every aspect of his life.These qualities are witness in his 2008 slash nicknamed the Last Lecture. Throughout the irritate Dr. Pausch showcased his top executive to reach out to his auditory sense. He and captured their imagination with his humor and enthusiasm despite begin diagnosed with cancer 6 months earlier. Because of the importance and popularity of this inspiring utter I will provide a critique of Dr. Pausch ability to keep open his massage to his audience and analyze his public speaking mechanics. More specifically I will look at the way he keeps the audience engaged and what are the areas he could break.Strengths noted From the moment the lecture began I was hooked. Dr. Pausch did not waste any time keeping the audience engaged and keeping them marveling at the foundations of his strength despite his diagnosis. After the standing applause, Dr. Pausch told his listeners to make me earn. This mindset shows that he cares about(predicate) the nub that he was abou t to give and the message that the audience was about to receive. He also started his lecture with this scruple which I though was the glue to the seats. His mind was fundamental in keeping them engaged and esteeming. If you had one run lecture to give to the world before you died what would it be? From this point on, If this was Dr. Pausch last lecture I wanted the hear it. Thereafter, He gave a back story in the lecture which to thought was armed serviceful to the audience member that did not know his circumstances. One of the tactic in his lecture that I though was the just about important is he told the audience what he was not going to talked about.This eliminated all guessing and left no room for disappointment. I thought that I was public speaking brilliances. Pausch visual media kept the focus of the lecture and was very easy to follow and understand. It was clear, concise and to the point. He also has props. He voice was evenly tactual sensation and he spoke as if h e was just engaging in a normal conversation. to boot Dr. Pausch humor seemed to be naturel he kept his audience laughing throughout the lecture which I think helped them to stay uninterested. Last but not less, I love that the lecture was not just a lecture to the audience but a lecture to his children. Knowing that he passed away made that lecture much more intimate and could be used as a blueprint for all parents to help their children achieve their dreams.Areas to improveConnecting to the audience is definitely Dr. Pausch strong suit but sometimes he did get off topic a little bit. Because he is such a dynamic person I understand that it can be easy to get caught telling your person story rather than viscous to the topic. I noticed Dr. Pausch did get off topic a fewer times and told a few side bar stories but not also much that would have downgraded the lectures quality.ConclusionI my founding I highlight the accomplishment of DR. Pausch the inspirational professor from Carn egie Mellon University. I was instructed to write a critique about his last lecture that focused on the strength and the areas of improvement. In the strengths the most important aspect about the lecture is that Dr. Pausch keeps the audience entirely engaged throughout. Dr Pausch spoke for 72 min with the complete attention of his audience. In the strengths of my critique I was able to show this by highlighting the various tactics that were used.For example the question he asked in the beginning of the lecture was one tactic and his great sense of humor was another. Areas of improve were hard to find but the only time I found any in the lecture was when Dr. Pausch gets off topic a few times other than that the lecture was flawless. Unfortunately we lost Dr. Pausch too soon but his lesson will live forever. Everyone can learn something from his willingness live life to the fullest no outcome what god has in store for you. The one quote that stands out to me in the lecture is you can t change the cards we are dealt just how we play the handBibliographyhttp//

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