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Information management system Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

cultivation perplexity system - Essay Example............12 discipline Management System Google Plus Executive summary The advancements that collide with a leak been made in technology over the years have led to a change in the ways that organizations conduct their business activities, with new methods and practices having been introduced in this neo modern era as a result. Whereas many functions were mostly handled manually or at least supervised thus in the past, the approach that has been made in the software and hardware industry have allowed for more mechanized responsibility to take over. This has proved to be more efficient and accurate in terms of capability and companies are reservoir to realize the importance of inducting their organizations to this technological revolution. Among the various advancements that have been made in this era is the creation of Information Management Systems. These are one of the more popular inventions to enter the various industries and have proved to be a great success in the various fields in which they have been applied. A complete study of the various models available to an organization serves to educate the company on the best strategy to accomplish according to their particular needs. Introduction Information management systems skunk be described as a collection of both hardware and software combined with the ability to receive and filter raw information and then process and use it to create new data relevant to certain organization.. The ability of Information Systems (IS) to perform these tasks has made life a whole lot easier for organizations operating on the basis of enceinte amounts of different types of information flowing within and without the company in order for it to function efficiently. What previously took a lot of man power and hard labor can now be done in a span of minutes as the Information Systems are able to calculate needed equations at a considerably faster rate than man. As a res ult, these Information Systems have now assiduous a strategic role in contemporary business organizations that now use them to build sustainable competitive advantages over their rivals as they try to keep an eye on an edge above the rest of their peers in the industry. conceptual framework Google is one such company that can be used as an example of the importance of Information Systems in the new age business (Google). As this organization started out as a search engine, it can be said that information was the forte that it dealt with and this is something that is still needed to date non only in their original business, but in their in-house activities as well. The organizational strategy of the company can thus said to be the future expansion of its influence on the social network merchandise through the introduction of new and unique services within Google Plus to attract new clientele. sooner one studies the various Information Systems that are used by the company and the various advantages that they bring to the mesa however, it is essential to first try and understand the strategy that they have undertaken within the market to ensure that they maintain their competitive edge and are not usurped by their rivals (McKeen & Smith 89). This can be done apply the Michael Porter

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