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Traveling with Fuller and Thoreau Essay -- Literary Analysis, Summer o

Traveling with Fuller and Thoreau The mid 1800s was a time of continued physical exploration of the grace of America, and an era of hazard for an intimate inspection of the land argonas sometimes found by the leadler with the assistance of Travel Journals and maps. These detailed records, reflected a destination, and also allowed an intellectual travel of the mind. In Margaret Fullers, summertime on the Lake, and Henry David Thoreau, Cape Cod, we date both their physical, and internal travels, and how each author relates, both physically and mentally, to the lifelike landscape the similarities, the differences, and what elucidated each, to seek their journeys. The observed, physical differences of the lifelike landscapes will be compared, followed by a deeper encounter with Thoreau, as to why, and to whom, his more desolate and dark descriptions of the natural landscape, reached a distinctive, psycholo gical appeal, and how these two views relate to contemporary America. Just the title, Summer on the Lake, creates a refreshing image of glistening water and sunshine, surrounded by evergreens and the voices of children at play, right? As well it should, for that is what the author, Margaret Fuller, had intended to work through as she traveled that summer of 1843, to the Great Lakes. Margaret describes the m all travel books and journals she study to prepare for her trip. Murrays travels I read, and was charmed by their accuracy and take in broad tone. (Fuller p.27) Yes, she was charmed by some others words anothers description of a place she had yet to travel. She Schoener 2was expecting to scrape beauty an... ...cape of America, it is even more so today. The major difference is that we are able to learn from authors like Thoreau and Fuller, not to just read the words, except to see what they are saying, and to use that knowledge to envision a landscape that i s not just in a travel book, or on a sandy beach, but one that is truly ubiquitous.ReferencesEmerson, RW. The Portable Emerson. Viking mutation1981Fuller, Margaret. Summer on the Lakes. Reprint 2010Thoreau, HD. The Portable Thoreau. Viking-Penguin Edition 1977Thoreau, HD. Cape Cod. capital of Delaware Publications. 2004Encyclopedia Britannica, online Transcendentalism 2010Abrams Class notes 10-4 through 10-25Note RE Fuller. My school text was missing the intro-page 7. I used several other editions found online to collect information, therefore, my page numbers may not relate correctly to any one edition.

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