Saturday, February 23, 2019

AIDS Medicine

In a world where e re every last(predicate)ything seems to have an equivalent price, doing some discourse to alleviate the sufferings from AIDS becomes only a dream for most victims. Because of the high exists of medical instruments and medications for the treatment of the disease, not all plenty ar getting the most appropriate resolution for their health enigmas. In wakeful of technological advancements in the field of health c are, too many people are still on the verge of suffering because of the impact of commerce to the industry lead by the capitalists point of view.The argument presented by chairwoman Thabo Mbeki of South Africa was the most signifi kittyt intuition if the world population would real want to arrive at a solution for the problem bring forth by AIDS. No one(a) else in the world knows better than Mbeki rough the sufferings of his countrymen, not because of AIDS but because of a more dreaded situational problem-the cost of the AIDS treatment.Seriously en ough, medical products for the treatment of the said disease are very steep for an ordinary person to avail. It is sometimes very ironical that with the availability of the modernized science, there are still very widely gaps which reflect the kind of living different people has. The scope of the problem about AIDS becomes very little compared to the scope of the problems induced by monopolized character of the capitalists.Giving more reasonable prices for AIDS medicines can of all time be maintained as long as the capitalist sectors go forth cooperate. Unfortunately, the world is not used to playing at its chances especially when it comes to money. tidy sum can sacrifice their ethical and moral responsibility beneficial for the stake of saving even the tiniest penny for profit. Because of much(prenominal) scenario, it was a good probability that Mbeki greatly encouraged the international comm unison to stand by what is considered to be of greater ethical goal-to deliver the right medical product and operate at costs affordable to the general public.In his deliberations about the process, he was able to signify how each little steps of reform can arrive at a significant resolution. He was very attract on his opinion that making the medicines available at much cheaper prices get out bring the worth of scientific knowledge to better perspectives. In such a case, his outlined procedures can be a very strong tool to combat the monopolistic attitude of the investing world.First, it was a very good tip to encourage the greater population to step up a call for a cheaper price for all medical products for AIDS. This will at least give a consensus that capitalists are no chronic reliable sectors in the aspect of world economic order. Second, Mbekis suggestion to let governments fund or at least subsidize the expenses for research and development is one very good advancement to allocate the international capital for an appropriate cause.Thirdly, his call f or international unity about setting a particular organized department is one big positive idea. This way, nations will be able to effectively superintend whatever the current market trends will be in basis of medical pricing. Moreover, each of the world states will gain access to a wide number of alternatives to acquire cheaper medicines for their respective populations.Human knowledge is a wonderful gift that should only be used for the betterment of all people concerned. But with high prices of medications for AIDS, this ethical notion may just be compromised especially if people under the poverty line would not be able to avail cheaper medicine products for the disease.

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