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Detailed Lesson Plan in Grade 6

A Detailed Lesson Plan in Biology I . Objectives At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to 1. recognise mobile phoneular structures 2. distinguish the functions of each structures 3. familiarize what the carrel looks like and 4. comp atomic number 18 the factory to a jail cell II . Topic Cellular structures and functions Skill describing, explaining, illustrating Materials pictures, photocopied materials and video metre (cell biology) References Aquino, Jesunino R. et. al, Biology II. St. Augustine Publication Inc. Capco, Carmelita M. Et. al, Biology Textbook, Phoenix Publishing hold, Inc. Biology Sci. And engine room Textbook for second year, Book Press Inc. Oliv atomic number 18s, Maria et. al, Science and engineering for the Modern Worl Diwa Scholastic Press Villamil, Aurora M. Sciance and Technology, Phoenix Publishing House http//www. youtube. com/ keep abreast? v=zufaN_aetZI http//www. google. com. ph III. Learning military action A. Motivation interpr et Analysis I leave alone divide the class into group, five members each. narrow d ingest a recorder You ar going to do this in five(5) minutes. battle array them the different pictures of cell tissues and some break down of cells ( e. g. Ribosomes, mitochondria, lysosomes ).Allow them to examine the pictures c arefully and discern among them is the cell. But before the student give their answers, let them first engage the situation below B . Presentation Situation Analysis Larry deeds in a forensic laboratory. His boss James instructed him to get a cell sample from the child victim that has run over by a truck. Which of the following is the cell that Larry should send to James? Teachers ActivityStudents Activity From the pictures i have condition you, Student will select from the given choose what James should get from the child pictures of tissues, organs, p arts of a cell victim. nd cell. (5)minutes. After hearing the student answers, let them explain why they think the ir answer is correct. Then bothow for differences in answer. Lets find out if your choice is correct. Later on, since Larry is a part of forensic team, lets see what he actually choose. To find out which is the cell lets watch this video. C . Preparation Film viewing (cell organelles and their functions) NOTE Take watch of the important information about the cell especially its parts and functions. take on up questions ?What do you see? ?What do you call each of the structure? In which picture in the previous activity is it similar? ?What is your motif about the cell? Teachers ActivityStudents Activity What is your idea about the cell? The cell has many parts Maam and Yes Nica. they have their own functions. Definitely Nica. Now I will let the students give theirFrom the word picture we have just watched answers on the situation analysis. Maam, we got it right. This is a cell maam ( record the picture). Very good, you got it right group 2. So you are now familiar what a cell lo oks like. Now its time to go to bed and distinguish he different structures of the cell and its function. D . Generalization You are going to compare the factory to a cell. This time I essential five (5) groups, six (6) members each. Complete the table posted in campaign you are given fifteen (15) minutes to answer . CELL AS A FACTORY JOB/PART OF THE FACTORYCELL PARTFUNCTION IV. Evaluation I will distribute each student a copy ( poem of a cell ). They are going to fill in the blanks with the corresponding parts of the cell with their functions as their clue. They are given ten (10) minutes to answer. poem of a cellI am a cell A structure of life Ill tell you my roles And what they all do firstly off I have ATP It and the ___________ Make energy The ________________ Is my crony too It covers me To protect me and you Then theres a ___________ Which is much like top off jelly It fills me up Like food in your belly The ________ are passageways Theyre close like good brothers Taki ng proteins From one part to the other on that point is a ____________ But despite its odd come to It carries through mail Out of my membrane I have ________________ There arent many in plants It breaks down your foodWith much of a fate Ah then theres my __________ My control center or understanding It gives me chromatin From it, instructions i gain But the nucleus necessarily Protection too And this is what its membrane Is assigned to do Tiny structures Where proteins are made These are __________ They do that everyday A _______________ Is like a water balloon Holding in water Inside of you I also have ________ Honest I say They contain protein along with DNA My fruits the plant cells Has parts to it too Now ill show these exclusives And what they all do The cellulose _____________ Is sturdy and strongAround a plant cell membrane It lasts very long Theres one more component Exclusive to plant cells Its the ___________________ Where photosynthesis happens so well This is a cel l And all my parts Its like a puzzle In your body, like arts Ill keep you feeling Oh, so great If bodily pity You do demonstrate I am complex Through my twists and gas embolism I hope you learned much Cause this is the end V . Assignment Research on the types of cell, its parts and functions. Pinili National High groom Pinili, Ilocos Norte Detailed Lesson Plan In Biology s Shery-lyn Q. Agaran May 09, 2012

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