Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Nietzsches Superman Essay -- essays research papers

Though when most community think of superheroes they think of the character reference with super powers, the original estimation of the panelling was developed by Friedrich Nietzsche in the 1800s. The uber workforcesch (literally overman in German) never had extra-ordinary powers and wasnt developed as the protector of man. Instead, the superman is a person who has overcome all the flaws of mankind and is fundamentally perfect. This judgement, though it was thought of as an humorl goal that all people should strive for, has almost completely been used for less-than-good agendas. The details of what Nietzsches superman is supposed to be and how that compargons with how it was used to the advantage of many dictatorships and other dictatorial leaders is amazing and in many ways disgusting. What Nietzsche tried to wee-wee with his idea of the superman was human perfection, but what it actually created was fuel for abuse in the world.Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) developed hi s idea of the superman after many historic period of studying and teaching philosophy. It was a culmination of many ideals that Nietzsche felt were the ideals a person should follow to lead a perfect lifespan. The superman is fundamentally his own society, determining his own values, finding his own happiness, and finding delectation in being the one to control all of this himself. He doesnt believe in a God or a soulfulness or an afterlife, and therefore makes the most out of his life since he has no one elses morals to follow. One interesting aspect of Nietzsches superman is his lack of compassion for the weak. Nietzsche believed that any pity felt for the less-abled lone both(prenominal)(prenominal) hindered the growth of the superman. This is very much like survival of the fittest that has allowed animals to break into die and better creatures. Though it seems uncaring and thoughtless, in some sense the idea makes sense because the superman is a type of evolution of man. Without the need to substantiate the weak, the superman can rise above the common man and evolve into a greater being. These ideas are strictly philosophical and were most probable not meant to be used in the real world.There are many people and societies, however, who believed that Nietzsches writings should be followed strictly. These include Adolph Hitler, depicted object Socialism, Fascism, and even the rock star Marilyn Manson... ... the highest virtue is to be true to yourself sex activity must be included in a healthy, rounded life the goal of life should be to find yourself a high egotism is needed for good growth the mind and body make up a single whole you cant love someone else if you dont love yourself and quarrel yourself and dont live passively. These beliefs, especially in the last fifteen to twenty years, conduct shaped America and many other cultures into what they are today. Nietzsche was in some ways a very modern thinker and can be credited at a minimum w ith creating change in the world. His idea of the ubermensch was very revolutionary from the ideas at the time put onwards by the Christian church and other facets of society. Though it seems extreme, many of the ideas somewhat how the superman should be are built into the core of modern societies. None-the-less, men such as Hitler used his ideas against the rest of the world and caused much havoc and destruction based on these ideas. It is hard to say whether Nietzsches idea of the superman had an overall positive or negative impact on the world, but it is for sure that society would not be where it is today if it were not for Nietzsche.

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