Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Identifying Stakeholders and Developing Charter Essay

Identifying Stakeholders and Developing Charter - Essay Example This essay stresses that organizational structure has a very deep impact on the project management and PM decision making process this also includes the company’s size and its business requirements. The organization functioning horizontally or vertically the organizational structure is used to uphold and mange the resources, time line, expenditure, and quality/performance. Three organizational structures are utilized by the by the PM are functional, matrix, and projectized. the PM process impacted though the company’s culture. The corporate culture defines the character of the organization. If we analyze the company’s culture then we will able to find out that it includes of the norms, assumptions, values and concrete signs of business members and their behaviors. The company’s culture determines a company’s managerial actions, performance, image, and policies, also having impact on the operational programs of the PM practice. In this report the author has discussed the main stakeholders of this project. He has utilized different project stakeholder identification and classification techniques of this project. He has also mentioned the criteria for the call of meeting for this project. During the analysis He has found different potential conflict that the author of the report has mentioned in the last section. He has tried to address each aspect of the under-discussion factor, so that we can have a better and clear view of the overall project.

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