Friday, September 27, 2019

Groupwork Tools Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Groupwork Tools - Essay Example The important aspects or tools through which the productivity of team work is affected are numerous. Therefore, to accomplish utmost efficiency, group or any team work requires certain tools to enhance the chances of accomplishing targets. Working effectively in a group involves few basic and compulsory steps which include introduction, looking for similarities with any group member, listening intently to others, praising others, taking turns, honesty, invisible support to others, avoiding arguments and conflicts, pleasantly providing alternatives for suggested ideas by other member so to put it more optimistically, promoting humor, showing courtesy and frankness if need be, giving opportunity to new and young members to share their ideas and put all the ideas in writing without missing important suggestions, being generous to share ideas with a group and appreciate them on uniqueness brought by them and finally shared decision making (Pausch, 1998). The more positive attitude and energy prevail in a group, the maximum creativity and productivity can be attained from a group work (Sawyer, 2012). The problems which can be faced by any group member are due to the apathetic attitude of other group members, which directly affects the learning process and, hence, an individual is unable to bring his share of productivity in it (Clark, 2003). Often, many abilities aren’t recognized unless a person indulges himself in a group activity which supports and shines out the ability in him (Douglas, 2000). Therefore, aloof and tactless behavior hinders the learning and developing process of other group members and decreases the chance of attaining shared vision. Absence of cooperative and collaborative approach dwindles the interest of others and, hence, reduces the chance of learning experience or recognition of one’s hidden potential (Brody, 1998). If a team member is unaware of the group

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