Monday, September 23, 2019

Difference and Similarities between Warhol's Films and Art Essay

Difference and Similarities between Warhol's Films and Art - Essay Example The paper "Difference and Similarities between Warhol's Films and Art" discusses Andy Warhol's films and art. As told earlier, Andy’s films quite went against the rules of movie making the Classical Hollywood Cinema especially. He produced films that were characterized by boring long sequences that lacked a change in image or focus. His films did not have a clear path like usual films; he made use of sloppy camera work, and the sound was far from better. In addition, his films had superstars acting with exaggerated gestures and sense of clumsiness. This is contrary to his visual paintings that done distinctly by experimenting with different contexts and colors. Unlike his films where he could repetitively focus on one image and subject, his pop art dealt with subjects that ranged from the everyday mundane objects such as â€Å"Campbell’s Soup Cans† to celebrities such as â€Å"Marilyn Monroe.† It is also important to note that his artwork embraced the use of cartoons for his subjects. Warhol’s art was also characterized by creativity and mass-produced, unlike his films, which hardly got any creativity. One of his films, Sleep produced in 1963 provides a clear picture of his filmmaking characteristics. The film was comprised of one continuous shot of Warhol’s close friend John Giorno depicting his as sleeping for 8 hours. It is critical to note, however, that the shooting took only twenty minutes with the rest of the film being characterized by repetitions of the film’s opening sequence and silkscreen pictures.

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