Saturday, September 7, 2019

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All information is in the document, - Essay Example the main features in the film is that is characteristic of an urban setting is the firearms that are used in the action and bloodshed combats in the plot of the film. In a rural Asian setting, the main weapon to combat enemies was the sword. This is what is used in most Asian action traditional movies and the martial arts of Tai Kwando are employed. In this film however, modern firearms with live bullets are used in the action scenes. These are cocked and fired by pulling the trigger which gives the film an all modern aura. Another element of modern setting in the film was depicted with the occupation of Sung Tse-Ho. Ho’s principle job was printing and distributing fake bank notes of the US dollars. The fact that printing in itself was done is a very modern element. Traditionally primitive forms of writing were the only forms of permanently inscribing information on a piece. The bank notes also implied that the main form of exchanging goods and services or for trading was monetary which is different from the traditional barter trading system. In addition to that it depicts the presence banks in the film setting which are only characteristic of modern settings. Very few rural settings have a bank anywhere in the vicinity. This made a great impact in the lives of the dwellers and visitors of the area. They got to enjoy the services associated with banking such as borrowing of loans, keeping money safely in a personal account, saving money through savings accounts that earn interest and the like. T he dwellers and visitors also got job employments that are associated with banks such as being bank tellers, being bank watchmen and women and being cleaners. The younger brother of Ho, Kit, aspired to be a policeman. This is an influence that he got as a dweller of an urban setting. Policemen are a typical feature of an urban setting. They mascaraed the streets in their uniforms with some even holding gins or pistols. These are likely to look cool for a young man

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