Wednesday, September 4, 2019

A Writing History Essay -- Personal Narrative Writing

A Writing History Every great writer, whether it is a poet, novelist, journalist, or any other type will share a common beginning with every person, this I see. Where they take it from there is up to them, the choice is free. The common beginning is simple, even quite easy. It usually starts in kindergarten learning the ABC's. From there you learn to form and read words-the first step of literacy. In my opinion, writing can be fun, but it did not always seem that way to me. This paper will give a brief background on my steps in the writing experience; this is my writing history. Kindergarten, the first step. This is where I started to hate writing; it all began with the alphabet. Writing had a bad first impression on me. Every day or so I would write that long list of loathsome letters repeatedly for an hour or three. With that mastered, words soon would follow. This was not such a big step, not too hard to swallow. At first I learned simple words, things like dog, cat, and colors (if memory serves). In fifth grade I wanted my writing to be sophisticated and distinguished. That is when I discovered calligraphy-the Old English. It was like winning a shopping spree for the mind. Little by little I memorized the style. I used it all the time. I suppose I compare learning calligraphy to a "shopping spree" because it cost me nothing to learn it. It was all free. I used calligraphy on any project that allowed me to be creative. I got so used to calligraphy it became native. It was in me as if I was born into it; my birthright. When I used this art form time was lost; I would write day and night. Although I now hardly use this classical style in my art (writing poetry and lyrics), calligraphy will forever remain in my writi... ... beginning made on what I wrote; the changes the break up made were just as exciting. I wrote the "break up" poems just to get it off my mind and on to something else, like paper. Here's an example of what I was writing: "My heart is too much of a hole to to tell you to hold. So I say goodbye and remember you till I'm old. But I still live the day I found your love was fool's gold." When I was finished with writing "ex-girlfriend" poems I went back to my old style. I felt normal again. I was all warmed up like a track star that just ran his first mile. I won't blow off creative writing assignments like I did in junior high. Now they'll be all mine. And that's just about it-the brief background of my writing history. I don't know if I'll always write poetry and lyrics, I'm not sure. I could write less or write more. That's up to my writing future.

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