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Industry Analysis by Stage in PLC Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

fabrication Analysis by Stage in PLC - Essay ExampleThe market is expected to grow continually for a decade. At 2013, the forecasted market value is $10.7 billion with a 9.4% growth from 2008 and a market record of 3.8 billion liters with an 8.5% increase since 2008. (Datamonitor, 2008)The condition of the nut case thresh industry is influenced by several external factors. societal factors such as health issues can incite the buying behavior of consumers. The recent peanut cover recall due to contamination has decreased retail sales on peanut flavored looking glass cream. corpulency concerns and health trends has pushed manufacturers to launch new products that address the growing trends. (Peot, 2008)Economic factors such as recession affect the buying behavior of consumers and packaging techniques of producers. According to Berry, consumers budget their purchases during slower economic times and cull to wash up ice cream at home. The supermarket sales of ice cream increas ed because of this purchasing behavior. (Berry, 2009) Supermarket store shackles retain benefited an increase in sales of their private labels through this change (Ice Cream Going clubby Label, 2009).Manufacturers, on the other hand, downsize its packaging due to increased raw material costs and energy expenditures. They have decreased the packaging volume in order to maintain, if not lower, the retail price of their products. (Berry, 2009)The US ice cream market is assessed as highly competitive. ... The market is dominated by three large companies. Unilever, cling to and Blue Bell Creameries are the three well known companies. (Datamonitor, 2008)Unilever is a diversified company that industrious in global manufacturing and marketing of consumer goods in food, personal and homecare segments. The company generates revenues through different moving in divisions, one(a) of which is ice cream and beverages. Their ice cream brands include Good Humor, Cornetto, Ben & Jerrys and Br eyers. (Datamonitor, 2008)Nestle is engaged in the business of manufacturing and marketing branded food and beverages through six business divisions. One division involves milk products, sustentation and ice cream. The ice cream business carry the brands such as Slow Churned Dreyers Grand Light, Sveltesse stick, Haagen Dazs and novel Real Dairy. (Datamonitor, 2008)Blue Bell Creameries is engaged in the production and marketing of ice cream. The company sells its ice cream under the Blue Bell brand and has around 50 different ice cream flavors including Homemade Vanilla, its flagship flavor. (Datamonitor, 2008)Market SegmentsThe ice cream market is fragmented. The segmentation is based on the preference and test of consumers. The market segment is best categorized below.SEGMENT NAMESEGMENT PROFILEPremium Lovers baffle in premium and super-premium quality ice creams non-price sensitive buy ice cream based on taste and high quality ingredients prefers foodservice and dining out most ly adults with higher incomesWellness AficionadosOnly sap ice creams that are labeled reduced fat, low-fat, non-fat or light products weight conscious eaters mostly women, prefer to buy based on the health benefits of the product looks for

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