Saturday, May 4, 2019

Why We Cant Wait Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Why We Cant Wait - Essay ExamplePeople of color specially African Americans were seen as people who belonged to the lower or second class in society. As a result, African Americans were not allowed to access certain areas, and were not admitted to same schools as whites. It is clear that Martin Luther stated that African Americans could no longer wait for the followings thingsii. Lack of trust in government and politicians especially after the sensed failures of President Kennedy in that during his reign, Kennedy failed to establish a stance housing desegregation policy and did not predict the issue of African American voting rights in states such as Virginia and Texas.It is vivid from the article that the media in American helped to propagate racial sentiments against glowering people. For instance, the media propagated racial segregation in their articles where they referred to bleak people as darkies, coons, and niggers. Their messages in the articles spread anti-black inform ation and stereotypes. In schools, white children saw black children as inferior and worthless. wholly social institutions such as schools and churches reinforced oppression of the people of color particularly African Americans (Luther 56).many things happening in the American society prompted Luther to write the book. For instance, King argues that the white race mistreated black people. He documents the following practices and norms to depict how pervasive and inclusive racial segregation was entrenched in society. vehemence was used to place African Americans at the bottom of the racial hierarchy. For instance, the Jim Crow used war on drug to discriminate black people whereby, police applied excess force to arrest black men on conception that they were drug dealers. This reveals how the criminal justice system in America was racial in trying to connect the dots between earlier forms of social and current system of mass internment (Luther 61). There was rebirth of the

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