Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Large system in social work Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Large system in social work - Assignment ExampleThe varieties of the trapping units in the urban center serve the mixed population that comprises the low, middle, and high-income social classes. Hence, Cleveland is an inclusive city for every citizen because the trapping services are affordable.Cleveland is a business hub in the entire Ohio state. The city hosts corporate headquarters, banks, sales offices, major(ip) divisions, and affiliates. Given the strategic positioning and the natural attractions such as the Emerald Necklace, Cleveland Metro Parks Zoo, and Rocky River Reservation, the city thrives on tourism and hospitality industry. Major hotels and tourist resorts in the city include Radisson Hotel, The Westin Cleveland, and Wyndham Cleveland hotels. The facilities are a reflection of the vibrant business environment. Besides, Cleveland has magnificent shopping centers including the West Side Market, Pennello Gallery, and Old Arcade. The facilities give shoppers opportunit ies to search a collection of present and historic commodities. In addition, Cleveland is home to finest manufacturing industries like Skylines Canvas and Kay Chemicals (Cleveland Economy,

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