Sunday, August 4, 2019

Somewhere Under my Rainbow :: essays papers

Somewhere Under my Rainbow When you are little, the whole world feels like a big playground. Your dreams are big and your hopes are always high. When you are little, your biggest worry is who will get the big swing at recess. As a child I had a very vivid imagination and a best friend whose imagination was even livelier than mine. I was living in Conyers, Georgia the summer it all happened. I was a second grader, but my best friend Stephanie was only in the first grade. Both of our parents were at work and had left my older sister, Kim, in charge of us. She was sixteen years old with a haughty attitude. Most of the time she let us go our own way, while she talked on the phone and groomed herself. Today was no different than any other day that she had kept us. We left the house around 3:00pm and hadn’t been back since. Sweat poured down our foreheads as we sat on Stephanie’s front lawn. Stephanie was a plain girl with long stringy blond hair, the shade of honey mustard and brown eyes whom faded into the sun. Although her looks didn’t show it, she had a spark about her. She had a spark that most kids, at the age of seven, didn’t have. â€Å"So , what can we do? It’s hot but neither of us have a pool. There isn’t a kid within three blocks of here, and I’m bored!† she exclaimed, with am agitated look upon her face. â€Å"I don’t know, but it sure is hot. Hey! Let’s go in your basement and see what’s in there. I promise to go first!† I told her. If there were anything in the world Stephanie feared more than hell, it was her basement. She had feared it since she was tall enough to see down the dark and empty staircase. She had never been down there, but the thought of it’s contents drove her wild. â€Å"Okay but only on my terms. First of all, you go first. And we are only going for a minute. Oh, and one more thing, if I get scared, I’m coming back up. Okay?† she told me. I agreed to her terms and we headed into her house.

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