Thursday, August 8, 2019

Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) use in health care Essay

Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) use in health care - Essay Example ealth care, its advantages and disadvantages, how its use will promote health and safety, the economic factors associated with its use, and how its use will influence my practice as a registered nurse. In an article by Sausser (2002), he enumerates various advantages of PDA use in health care. PDA use is advantageous because it gives health care professionals a chance to keep track of all pertinent information regarding their patients. Data may include contact information, history, treatment, laboratory results, and such other data normally contained in a patient’s chart. The portable nature of the PDA allows speedy and convenient access to patient information. The PDA also allows healthcare professionals the chance to research information using reference materials they can access online or from information database installed in their PDAs. Medical calculations can also be done via PDAs. PDA use will help ensure accuracy of measurements in diagnosis, assessment, and prescription of medications. Prescription writing through PDAs will also give physicians a chance to check and be reminded of adverse drug reactions that may be expected from the medications they are prescribing to patients. The disadvantages of using PDAs in health care mostly revolve around the fact that through wireless technology, â€Å"the risks for breach of patient confidentiality are increased†¦as compared to networked desktop computers† (McWay, 2003). Too much and too easy information access can cause confidential patient information to be made available to unauthorized people. Sausser (2002) also points out that PDAs may break or lose data, may have compatibility problems, can lockout a user, and like all technology, can eventually become outdated. The need to update the technology will eventually demand more expenditure on the product. PDAs will help promote health and safety by providing regular updates about a patient’s condition. â€Å"They have the potential to enhance a

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