Friday, August 23, 2019

Human Health and The Environment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Human Health and The Environment - Essay Example prove that in warmer temperatures, humans will live longer and avoid certain sicknesses .He further discusses the possible risks and benefits of warm temperature to the Americans, and analyses various factors that are in favor of his argument. The foremost positive effect of warm weather is that it results in the production of less ice and problems related to cold conditions. During winter, people have to work hard to remove ice from the roads, streets and subways. During cold weather, the American families face the problem of investment on winter suits, caps, and other items. They like moderately warmer climate because it reduces the amount of investment on winter items, room heating etc. Another benefit of the moderate warm weather is that it does not affect the economic activities like trade and commerce. The transportation sector prospers in this climate; but.on the other hand, cold weather affects it adversely. â€Å"Most economic activities would be unaffected by climate change. Manufacturing, banking, insurance, retailing, wholesaling, medicine, education, mining, financial, and most other services are unrelated to weather.† (Moore, 1998). Moreover, the laborers who are working in warmer climates are willing to accept low wages because they enjoy the benefits of the moderate warm weather. Both harmful and harmless insects flourish in relatively low temperature. On the contrary, moderate warm temperature keeps them away because they are not adapted to live in such conditions. One of the ideal situations that the insects can flourish is the depleted ecosystem. Only strict laws can control the encroachments upon the ecosystem and environment. â€Å"Despite the enormous growth in environmental law and regulation since the 1970s, much of the scientific information needed to ensure environmental protection is still missing.† (Wagner, 2004). The aspect of environmental protection must gain global attention and the implementation of laws must be monitored by an

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