Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Discussion Topic on Technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Discussion Topic on Technology - Essay Example Over the years, state legislators, district leaders and school administrators face difficulties in ensuring the students use technology in a proper manner. The need to put restrictions on the use of technology by underage children is necessary because of the adult nature of some of the content made easily available by the different types of technology (Cheves, 2012). Lewis refers to the use of the internet. Many sectors especially the education sector continues to improve because of the internet. The internet makes information available to everyone using it providing people physically separated with the opportunity to communicate with ease. Despite this, many students continue to fall prey to the unrestricted streaming of adult content through the internet. Cyber bullying is also an emerging trend affecting young children of which sometimes proves fatal, whereby, children end up committing suicide (Week, 2011). In conclusion, technology use has both endless advantages and disadvantages to the education system. Besides the internet, other forms of technology continue to benefit the education sector, for example, cell phones, televisions among other things. In addition, just like the internet, they also present challenges to the education sector. Despite this, technology still plays an integral part in the education sector (Week, 2011). Cheves, D. A. (2012, May 10). Should High-Stakes Tests Drive the Curriculum? A Perspective from Michigan. Retrieved from National Council of Teachers of Mathematics:

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