Monday, October 7, 2019

Construction management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Construction management - Essay Example The schedule may specify the specific roles for the unskilled and skilled. For instance, starting time can be set at 7am and ending at 5pm. Similarly, construction manager is required to consider the pay rate of overtime schedule. The major role of the unskilled workers involves preparation of construction material mix, timely. The superintendent is responsible in carrying out the activities as instructed by the construction manager and with the help of the project or center map. The function of the superintendent to perform close examination to ensure that, the laid daily schedule is followed such that, the set down period for the whole construction process can be adhered to. More over, the superintendent ensures that the specified ratio of the materials is followed to the latter. The superintendent, ensures that proper records of equipment is well taken especially when begging the daily schedule and at the end of every day. This practice is endeavored to ensure safety and availabil ity of such equipment as to when and where they are needed in the right condition. Labor situation The concept of labor requires the underlying principle of availability to be embraced. Te superintendent, under the construction manager’s instruction should ensure that, the adequate labor is sustained all through the construction period. The labor schedule depends on the schedule of each day. For instance, less sub supervisors may be required when more work requires the supervisors. The superintendent, who in turn reports to the construction manager, directly does all this labor adjustments with proper consultation of the supervisors. However, in some cases, the superintendent can deny the construction managers’ projected schedule if it appears untenable. A successful completion of this project entirely depended on the cordial and timely coordination of among the supervisors, superintendent and the construction. There should be continuous flow of correct information fro m top to down and vice versa. It should be observed that, the three levels of command have to coordinate all the activities in the site wit all aspects of professionalism and ethics. Construction ethics is necessary follow element because of its fundamental benefits attributed to it. The site and construction ethics ensures smooth coordination and reduced incidents of accidents. Start up considerations At the commencement of the center’s activities, numerous start-up considerations are critical for a good start. Some of these include the operation staff, which includes the management team and the ordinary staff, training of the employees, motivation and general maintenance of the center facilities. The considerations should be carried out with outmost honesty and professionalism, particularly when recruiting the staff to set a pace, which may form the company’s norm. Operations staff The owner of the DMD intends to carry out all the activities involving management recr uitment. These activities include advertisement for various job opportunities. Having been the district human resource manager at the department of Health and sanitation, he has apt experience in recruiting the required team, which will perform assigned duties in tandem with the dynamism in this industry. The center owner will have to select the appropriate

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