Monday, July 29, 2019

Protestant Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Protestant - Assignment Example sts also questioned the older understanding and meanings of biblical scriptures, and made attempts to bring forth improved explanations of the prevailing biblical words. The followers of the liberal mainline Protestant Christianity believe in the existence of a Deity i.e. Trinity that includes the Father, the Holy Spirit and the Son. They believe that symbolically speaking, Jesus Christ is a manifestation or incarnation of the God. God is the creator of universe and evidence that arises as a result of scientific experimentation supports this notion. They also believe that death is not the end; evil will be punished while good acts will be rewarded in the afterlife (Albanese 106). The older belief regarding inheritance of ‘original sin’ (Adam & Eve) is not readily accepted by many. Instead of following a religious concept regarding suffering of the humanity, the liberal Protestants are more inclined towards following the humanistic approach which aligns closely with the modern notion of helping the needy in times of need. Overall, the liberal approach seeks to find rational answers to religious questions and in doing so, centers the deci sions on knowledge that is already acquired by human beings by scientific

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