Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Corporation information Essay

This section it’s dedicated to provide all the information related to the company that our clients need, and to offer a brief history of how the company was created as a responsible company and providing a service that exceeds our customer’s expectations. Our company recognizes that accomplishment and maintenance of security program is our personal responsibility, therefore, we will have to take initiative and be an example, this way we will maintain our system implemented by different techniques and tools like: Trainings on C-TPAT Security processes described * Security Controled and Registred. * Technology of innovation * Personnel recruited * Internal Audits * Selection of business partners Since we look for  implementation and development of the program of security C-TPAT we must fulfill some requirements to maintain a greater security in all the chain of supplies. Thus we have verifiable writings for selection of our businesses partners. We request for procedures of security and the processes to fulfill the minimum requirements of security established by the C-TPAT, participating in a questionnaire applied by our company. When completing this questionnaire, not only will help us to fulfill our obligations like member of the C-TPAT, but also some of our customers will look for fulfill requirements for importer and to become members of the C-TPAT. Guarantee security of our processes and our clients’ also. Questionnaire is designed to identify those areas where improvements are necessary to fulfill minimm security requirements. Correct identification of a security weakness will not affect our relation of businesses, but it will allow us to work with our clients to develop a plan of security improvement if necessary. All the people working on the company contribute to our success. An integration of our different talents and perspective, stimulate new and creative opportunities for our business. Collectively, it will generate a rewarding and more exciting work atmosphere where each individual feels like person in charge of performance of our company. We respect rights and dignity of all employees. We made an effort for being a company that independently attracts the best people, no matter origin, beliefs or life style. We are commited to create a work atmosphere with confidence and respect, inclusion and diversity, and employees are listened to improve team work. We assure all employees know our job enviroment, tasks, responsibilities and general activities to aim our organization. We develop their capacities through open and constructive conversations on their professional direction. Also we try to guarantee that all the employees are recognized and compensated by their yield. For our company the responsibility of each individual as employe is being conscious of policies and be responsible of his own behavior. Our integrity and reputation as company will not have to be committed. Any attitude that can seem questionable is not acceptable. (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism), is a joint initiative of the government and businesses of create cooperation relations to fortify security of supply chains and borders. By this project, customs requests all companies to guarantee integrity of their security and to communicate this to commercial partners of supply chain. The company look for a certification as member of C-TPAT. Obtaining this certification, we will offer a better service to our customers with great security, reliance and rapidity exporting cargo, also our customers (importers) and our company will be benefitted with results obtained with implementation of C-TPAT. In order to articipate in C-TPAT, companies must elaborate and apply programs of integral security to improve security internal and external with partners and clients. Therefore, we have developed and maintained a complete and detailed security plan with directives of values of EE. UU. Customs. As C-TPAT includes all components of supply chain, such as importers, carriers, intermediaries, operators of warehouses and manufacturers, the company is determined to communicate security requirements for C-TPAT to suppliers and clie nts.

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