Thursday, November 21, 2019

Is college worth the cost(investment) to attend Essay

Is college worth the cost(investment) to attend - Essay Example People believe that their investments would be returned to them in spite of high price for education. People dream about numerous chances and opportunities of having higher returns after their investments into education. At the same time, there are different political parties, which, on the one hand, promote their social shifts through educational institutions, but, on the other hand, do not want to make reliable investments in education. Argument 1 Different prospects of higher returns are often misunderstood by people and they are often concerned about financial side of education and its high financial returns. Quality of education and personal striving in this process is often omitted. Education requires a high emotional and mind contribution. Different studies of the past years summarize the following assumptions about education: â€Å"the idea that college is an excellent investment paying a high return in terms of lifetime income has been buttressed by numerous studies over the years purporting to show that college graduates earn a large premium over a lifetime in comparison to individuals who earn only a high school diploma or who attend some college without completing a four-year degree† (Wood 210). Again the matter is about financial and material side of the education. There is no word about qualitative and emotional load of education. A high intellectual attainment is very much required from the stud ents in the process of education. Educational institutions are on the way of improvement of their potential goals. A marketplace credential and a diploma of higher education are two different things. There is no way to compare them. A student’s wholeness and intellectual attainment are proved by the diploma. Intellectual maturity and mind’s ability to produce emotional and creative power should be the main points for confirmation in the process of higher education. Argument 2 The University has often been

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